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How to survive the holidays, youre on a diet

How to survive the holidays, be on a diet u Using food at the turn of the year is a challenge

u use of nutrition at the turn of the year is a challenge - not only that the winter increases the desire for high calorie foods, it is still a lavish Christmas table, tempting treats Here are tips on how to survive Christmas without sacrifice. diet. / u
u first Moderation in diet / u
most important ally in the fight against obesity. not entirely give up favorite foods, which you can eat a little one without compromising the question with the amount. worth every meal plan to avoid snacking in between. People who fear a partial withdrawal from the diet, should take into account not only the right amount, but the caloric intake of the Christmas meal.
seafront second culinary techniques / u
should focus on the art of preparing food in such a way that they contain the least fat, sugar, salt and highly processed products, such as: BR u soup / u
Christmas Eve soup will be thin enough, unless you are consumed with pies and dumplings. As for the soup, it should be eliminated from the cream and possibly replace it with natural yoghurt.
u Fish / u
If carp are boiled, baked - in a plastic sleeve - or in aspic worst choice is fried fish, short track pitch - .. who, though rich in healthy omega-3, but unfortunately, quite greasy - no mayonnaise, add more oil or cream. You can replace them with natural yoghurt or prepared to give herring in vinegar.
u dumplings / u
dough for dumplings should be as najcieniej rozwaƂkowane and stuffing prepared with the least fat. Of course, the least calories with dumplings water, without kraszenia fat or fried onions.
u Salads / u
Defer those containing mayonnaise. Instead, it is better to add a tablespoon of olive oil and spices, or at least mix it with plain yogurt in ratio of 1:1
u Bread / u
be integral -. a tastier and healthier than white bread primarily
u. . Desert / u
poppy seed cake, gingerbread , boxes - delicious, but unfortunately very calorie cake you can try to literally piece by piece, or replace any sweet pastries, such as ice - contain lots of calcium, but it also reduces body temperature, therefore, promote the burning of calories - or cranberry jelly
u Alcohol and Beverage / u
Alcohol provides many empty calories - the most: ... sweet wines, liquors and spirits and liqueurs, however, you can afford to light. red wine with a meal of stewed of dry Eve must do without sugar
Eve should not sit on an empty stomach - its worth it to eat something light, such as:. vegetable salad
seafront third movement. / u
Christmas is often associated primarily with peace and rest, but often with hours of sitting at the table. It is on a diet, it was after lunch or dinner, a little move, such as jogging or just go for a walk.

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