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How to get rid of the addiction to Facebook and our class

How to get rid of the addiction to Facebook and our class seafront Most popular community sites in Poland as Facebook and FC

seafront popular social networking sites in Poland as Facebook and NK cells turns out that more than 90 percent of all Internet users on average spend 1.5 hours a day, often ignoring the most pressing issue for many users of social media such as addiction .. no i can not live / u
u Here are tips on how to get rid of dependence on Facebook and NK. / u Do not use social media more than an hour a day in case of no Use, It just needs to close - not seeing it on the toolbar, will reduce the temptation to log on to Facebook / NK Turn off e-mail notification on Facebook / FC - will not be tempted to visit this site, all messages and comments you can see a per day, for example: In the evening, I set the schedule to Facebook / FC - let it be for example: hour after school or work or 15 minutes for lunch do not log onto Facebook / FC during their journey - on the phone to get rid of the applications associated with those services should set a goal, for example: For 24 hours or an entire weekend, do not log on to Facebook / NK, and try to understand that it is worth to find a hobby - to start an interest in something that does not apply to it and Facebook FC can not be more important than family, school or work - please visit the website społecznościwym can wait, for regular neglect of important duties usually pays a high price u
If addiction proves to be stronger, above all, you might want to go professional help addiction specialist. / u

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