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How to stay healthy in the winter

Caring for your health in winter u Health is the greatest asset and we have to worry about them, especially now

u Health is the greatest value and we have to worry about them, especially now -. Winter, when our body decreases the resistance we feel weak and discouraged to act, and low temperature also favors the court and a higher incidence of colds. Flu To prevent this, and enjoy good health throughout the winter, you should observe the following rules / u
b u in winter. / u / b
the first significant impact on the health food / u
not true that we should eat lots of fatty foods - fat. and sweets, and alcohol - the cause that we have become apathetic, sleeping less active mentally meals should primarily be rich in vitamins and trace elements -. importantly, zwiększająco immunity, vitamin C appears among others in citrus fruits, seasonal fruits - blackcurrants, cherries and strawberries - and sauerkraut.
winter should be present in the body, an aliquot of whole wheat bread, and even and the cereal itself - they are rich in vitamins B and a positive effect on the nervous system In addition, in our winter diet should include fish, since they contain. fats encourage the synthesis of serotonin, which is responsible for good mood
should eat regular meals , thus ensuring against a sudden feeling of tiredness and irritability
u most important source of vitamins .. / u
carrot, tomato, peppers, spinach - Wit A,. meat, potatoes, rice, dairy products, cereals - Wit Group B vegetable oil, soy - Vit E, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, egg yolks - calcium, .. meat, vegetables, legumes, dairy products - zinc, carrots, beets, parsley, corn - silicon, buckwheat, citrus fruits, red wine -. flavonoids / ul
u Another important thing is how we dress / u
go to court to be appropriate to wear thick jacket, hat, scarf and gloves. Such clothing will protect us from cold, and possibly cold. We can not forget the waterproof footwear. Remember, wyziębiać body. also need humidification room in which we live and sleep. care, so that neither too hot nor too cold. High temperatures do not affect the right of our body, and at home and at work to use a moisturizer.
u third withdrawal of the skin and hair / u
behavior of low temperature, wind and frost the skin most exposed face and hands, and our hair . body cosmetics should not contain alcohol - it causes dehydration, which in turn dry skin in winter, we should use creams with appropriate filters, not only in the summer sun can burn our face - in the winter .. its rays are more concentrated, by belching. of snow
winter hair becomes brittle, faded and rough So we should stock up on nutritious same shampoo and conditioner, hair tips to cut it regularly, and use of treatments - eg. regeneration -
. If our hair is Dull, dry and rough skin, brittle nails, we must strengthen them further nutrikosmetykami, skin preparation odżywiającymi inside.
Winter is a good time to regenerate the skin after the summer. hydrating and exfoliating treatment for face and body, should also be supplemented by home care, who was chosen by experts in the study performed the surgery.

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