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The symptoms of sexual abuse of children

. Symptoms of childhood sexual abuse u should be happy and carefree, but unfortunately not always the case

u Childhood should be carefree and happy, but unfortunately not always the case, instead of protecting children, adults -. Often relatives -. Use their weaknesses and vulnerabilities in order to satisfy their sexual needs / U
physically abuse a child gets a sense of confidence in the world - the whole situation is so large that it is closed in itself, even before the parents / guardians signals of sexual abuse of minors may be different - .. none of them can not be ignored

b u symptoms of sexual abuse of children / u / b u first Mental Health: / u
feelings of low self-esteem - lack of belief in myself, doubt -, depressed mood, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety: men or women, dark or enclosed spaces, difficulties in establishing contacts with peers, learning problems, impaired concentration, a tendency to tell lies and to be alone, feeling shame and guilt, escape into fantasy , psychosis, depression, thoughts and even suicide attempts / ul
u second psychosomatic. / u
abdominal pain, headache. loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, asthma, speech disorders, vision / ul
u third space: / u
external genital trauma - rubbing the skin, swelling, irritation, cuts -,. pain in passing urine or stool , bloody stools, oral infections, infections of the urogenital tract, break the hymen and bleeding from the genital organs, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / ul
u Other behavior: / u
increased awareness and sexual arousal, the inadequate level of development of the child for sexual language, making drawings for specific content, provocative and seductive, sexual behavior, sexual aggression toward other children, self-injury - tearing the hair itself, mutilation, ask yourself the pain. / ul
in time to see if the child is sexually abused, you should be especially mindfulness, and intuition. It should be borne in mind that a symptom should not be. immediate evidence of violence, but still worth more cautious and watch a bit sometimes whole situation, the parent / guardian learns by accident, for example, during the game - the child tries by association or jokes to describe the ongoing drama in his life.
role of parents is to accustom a child from an early age, even to ask such questions , he does not understand, shameful or embarrassing. seafront If you ever have conversations with the child concludes that sexually abused, do not promise to keep this confidential information - such promises to close the way for intervention / u

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