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How to treat sinus

How to treat sinus u Bay is an ideal place for bacteria, and therefore does not need to be careful and do not allow for infection

u Bay is an ideal place for bacteria, and therefore does not need to be vigilant and not allow the infection most common symptoms of sinusitis patients, pain and tightness in the face, the problem is sensitive to smells, purulent secretions dripping. From the nose or back of the throat, worsening of symptoms during the motion, changes in body position. / u
b u Diagnosis / u / b Diagnosis
disease follows a description of the patients symptoms and physical examination, sinus areas. sometimes necessary to perform x-ray or laryngological, so called. nasal endoscopy with rynoskopu.
In the case of chronic sinusitis or suspicion of complications, examination of choice is computed tomography of the sinus. allowing you to thoroughly read their anatomy and pathology study estimates degree of inflammation - or not to expand the base of the skull, orbit and nasopharynx It is important, especially in the case planned operation to clear the sinuses, or correction. anatomical abnormalities. examination determines an otolaryngologist.
b u Treatment / u / b u
First we try home methods. relief of pain will include: / u seafront
frankfurters and inhalation / u
is one of the most effective method of thinning mucus and reduce pain caused by the sick bay for sausages, you can add a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus or pine .. a bowl of warm water, pour the oil, and then lean over it and cover your head - with a bowl -. During inhalation with a towel to breathe deeply through both hole and blow the air as often as the nose
. the packages from the leaves of birch / u
this tree has many useful features, and one of them is the treatment of clogged sinuses. of birch leaves do wrap and wear it on forehead continuously for 2 days. After this time drain pus should drain.
u herbal teas / u
sick bay should drink hot herbal teas, the best of fennel and fenugreek. They will help you clean up the rest respiratory mucus.
Herbalists recommend that the infusion of mullein, red clover and fruit of wild roses and anise mixture of blackmail., of course, be aware that eating garlic, which is not of today is considered a natural antibiotic.
u If the household remedies fail, take the appropriate treatment under the supervision of experts / u
u There are two ways to treat patients with sinusitis: / u
u Conservative / u to overcome the infection, . reduce tissue edema and facilitate secretion from the nasal cavity through the restoration of their natural Ostia Passability antibiotic drug used as adjunctive therapy - decongestants and nasal sinuses Ostia, in order to improve drainage discharge - medicines that thin they are often used. Preparations from the group of NSAIDs
u surgery / u enables the execution of two types of treatments.
radical surgery - involves a wide sick sinus drainage into the nose, and not always at the site of a natural estuary, and the complete removal of the lining inside the sick bay - now, this method is becoming less common -; functional treatment using an endoscope - a natural estuary can clarity, and very rarely removes damage from the Gulf of light - the main method of surgical treatment is functional endoscopic sinus surgery. indications for surgery are the most difficult sinus extending from the orbital or intracranial complications / ul
taken after treatment should not be interrupted, even in the event of an early resolution of symptoms -. can cause relapse
. b u To reduce the likelihood of sinusitis, you should: / u / b
maintain full passage of the nose to reduce exposure to pollution damage to the nasal mucosa and ciliary transport, cleaning of filters in air conditioners and air purifiers, maintaining proper moisture, reduce contact with allergens - in the case hypersensitivity, increased fluid intake, especially during exposure to dry air, regularly taking prescribed by doctors prepare, together with your doctor, assess the possibility of implementation of preventive vaccination against influenza and bacterial infections, in the case of persistent nasal congestion, take measures in order to rationalize the nose and mouth of the bay - is used in general and local measures to reduce nasal congestion - talk to your doctor about the possibility of performing surgery to remove the debilitating changes in the permeability of the nose - for example, correction of the nasal septum - / ul
b u prevent recurrence and maintain chronic infection, you should:. / u / b
breathe clean air, free from all contamination, especially tobacco smoke - internal temperature should be around 20 degrees C and humidity around 70 percent - or drink a lot - preferably hot - liquid for thinning secretions help, lie down on the side, as lying on your back can cause sinus congestion, avoid swimming in the pool with chlorinated water because chlorine irritates the lining of the nose and sinuses, to refrain from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol - alcohol causes swelling of the lining of the sinuses -,. rest / ul

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