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How to get rid of warts

How to Get Rid of Warts Warts seafront are gray-brown lumps with rough surfaces, usually appearing on the skin of his hand, surrounded by nails and feet

seafront Warts are gray-brown lumps with rough surfaces, usually appearing on the skin of his hand, surrounded by nails and foot warts can be infected through direct contact with an infected person, through the use of common towels and subjects. Households, as well as pool, the locker room, solarium - .. anywhere you can meet lots of people / u
b u fighting warts should start with a visit to a dermatologist doctor diagnose and prescribe the proper medicine - preparations for topical use, eg . / u / b Aldara Cream 5% - a new generation that destroys the infected tissue, but not damage the healthy skin around the nipple stimulates the defense mechanism Wartner -. Stick to the principle of cryotherapy - freezing the wart usually only one treatment but with a deep and old kurzajkach are needed usually 2-3 stops the development of warts Wartner - .. invisible bubble is formed, and within 10-14 days the wart disappears or decreases, and restores healthy skin underneath Brodacit, Duofilm, Verrumal -. contain derivatives salicylic acid and lactic acid to exfoliate and dissolve abnormal skin cells Salicylic acid softens calluses and clearance, and lactic acid destroys changes. nipple tissue and inhibits epidermal hyperkeratosis. to treat these specyfikami usually takes 6-8 weeks.
b If home treatment does not help, you should opt for treatment in the study, which determines the type of doctor. It could be. / b
Curettage - removal of warts and common interest in effective methods and rarely occurs warts that grew up after surgery remains a small scar, cryotherapy - freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide. method is used for warts and foot Healing takes a long time, and then created a small scar; .. Electrocoagulation - notice of plane warts wound about 7 days, the scars remain, Laser - not suitable for warts around the nails and the back hand - it can deform the nail scarred hands or blemishes, keratolytic methods, such as:. scraping retinolowym acid preparations removing flat warts - on the face - and do not leave any marks / ul

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