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Advices about health like recognising symptoms of allergies, depression, treatment of alcoholism, best medicine for migraines. Everything from healthy food to health insurence.


Diets with high blood pressure

. Diet for Hypertension u Blood pressure is a key indicator of heart health

u Blood pressure is a key indicator of heart health - if left untreated can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney disease than for treatment, you should use the miraculous effect of diet Proper positioning may in some cases replaced by medications or at least .. to help them. / u
b u rules for high blood pressure diet / u / b
change eating habits, increased physical activity, normalization of body weight , limiting alcohol consumption, smoking cessation. / ul
people with high blood pressure, lifestyle modification is the initial treatment, prescribed medications prior to or used in conjunction with pharmacotherapy.
b Diet for nadciśnieniowców / u

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