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How to treat sensitive teeth

How to treat sensitive teeth u tooth sensitivity is a condition that affects many people, regardless of age

u tooth sensitivity is a condition that affects many people of all ages, most pain occurs when the consumption of sweet, sour or cold food, as well as brushing your teeth and inhaling air exposed necks of teeth are more vulnerable .. and responsive to external stimuli and the development of caries. Here are tips on how to care for the treatment of hypersensitivity. / u
b a deep cleansing / b
The best brush your teeth three times daily after meals. It is worth noting that the horizontal leaching damage gums and teeth exposes the neck, it can also abrade dentin and cause damage in the form of wedges. brushing should be done wymiatającymi away from the gums. on the crown of the tooth
seafront received appropriate value. / u
u toothbrush / u - the best method of treating hypersensitivity is regular brushing with a soft brush Do not rinse immediately after consuming acidic fruit or a carbonated beverage - its at least worth the wait 1 hour - direct contact with these products deprived of their protective teeth, and brushing can cause enamel abrasion on the market you can find many brushes with soft bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums.; u paste / u - with fluoride, low level of abrasiveness - about 30 RDA - if such a label on the package, you can rub a little toothpaste on your fingers and in the case of observations of particles, the better it is easier to change .. There are a lot of toothpaste, which can be used in the treatment of hypersensitivity addition to the paste contains the active ingredients and potassium salts of the first effects of their actions should be visible after 2-3 weeks of regular use; u thread .. / u - so you can thoroughly clean the interdental spaces This prevents the buildup of plaque and debris that may cause inflammation of the gums, and thus lead to the neck of the tooth and the same for sensitive teeth,. / ul
Suitable liquid mouthwash also helps to reduce tooth sensitivity
seafront products worth a try. / u Toothbrush u Elgydium Clinic / u - 7/100 - Postoperative -, 15/100 - ultramiękka -, 20/100 - soft -. Perfect for brushing teeth after surgery, as well as for use in the course of gingivitis Price sensitive teeth and about 20 zl toothpaste u BioRepair Denti sensibile / u. - abolished sensitization contains bioactive molecules that restore tooth enamel and dentin surface layer, but also relieve pain caused by allergy about 25 zł/100ml Price gel for the abolition of dentin hypersensitivity seafront Green / u - ... closes open dentinal tubules complex, which in turn prevents the movement of dentinal fluid. disappears when pain hypersensitivity. Price about 50 zł/2x15ml.
b 2 Dental review / b Just
Regular monitoring of dental health will help to eliminate other possible sources of sensitive teeth, including: tooth decay or cracks in the enamel in dental treatment used in various treatments This can be for example. u fluoridation /
b How to prevent? / B The best prevention is to regularly check the babys head, especially in the kindergarten or school has head lice. And at home and abroad, do not use together with the same things, including: hats, brushes and towels.

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