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How to properly measure the temperature

How to properly measure the temperature u weakness and chills are the most common reasons for leaning to measure body temperature

u weakness and chills are the most common reasons for leaning to measure body temperature Here are some tips on how to properly do / U b
Timing / b. Common
thermometer for measuring temperature for about 3-4 minutes when it comes to electronic thermometer - when you start, leave it in place while measuring the tone is heard if mercury thermometer before use. Shake it - live it should be set below the level of 35.6 degrees C. BR b proper measurement and interpretation of results / b u for measuring temperature, place a thermometer in one of four places. / u u pachwowym Down / u - place the thermometer under the arm and around the timing is correct, press the hand temperature below 36.6 degrees C. pachwowym temperature of 37, 5 degrees C and higher temperatures, while somewhat lower values ​​indicate a slight fever,. u in the mouth / u - before the measurements shall be wiped with an alcohol thermometer salicylic food or alcohol, then rinse with water top of the device, insert deeply into the language. and measure the temperature in your mouth closed - do not bite the thermometer - Normal oral temperature is 36.8 ° C. If it exceeds 37.5 degrees C fever diagnosis, the mean values ​​indicate a slight fever, rectal u / u - .. This method of measurement is correct, it is highly recommended in young children who are not old enough to hold the thermometer in Mouth Normal rectal temperature is 37.1 ° C, and the surplus of only 38 degrees C, mean temperature thermometer designed to measure the rectal temperature should be measured not in other places,. u in the ear / u - ear thermometers require only few seconds to measure the temperature of the eardrum temperature ranges in this case are similar to those in the rectum - the standard is 37.1 degrees C, while values ​​above 38 degrees C showed higher temperature.
seafront Patients should take temperature 2 times a day opportunities in the 7-8 and 16-17. / u
b temperature measurement in children / b youngest may be small deviations from accepted standards. puppies still are not well educated thermoregulation , elevated temperature may occur in them, for example after vaccination. or while taking certain medications
best way to measure temperatures in young children is to put a thermometer in the rectum Care should be taken to make sure and cuddle baby - will relax .. get more accurate result
first thermometer should be lubricated with oil or vaseline, and then gently slide the tip into the anus to a depth of about 2 cm - above the boy should be put aside -. temperature should be measured for 2 minutes, followed after the thermometer measurements of soapy water and dry
u. No matter how you measure the temperature, to ensure that the child was calm and felt no stress. / u

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