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How to get rid of the pain

How to get rid of the pain seafront sores usually occur due to interruption of exercise or excessive exercise

seafront sores usually occur due to interruption of exercise or excessive exercise can last for several days, depending on the strain and exhaustion of the body / U
b ... To get rid of the pain: / b Preheat the seafront
muscles / u
Perform training on the muscles, which now has sores exercise can not be too intense - their goal is to warm up muscles. Stretching helps to maintain flexibility and reduce pain. the best way to warm up the muscles of walking, light jogging and cycling.
Apply heat therapy, use cream or heated warming do. heat warms the muscles and reduces pain.
u Drink lots of water / u
Dehydration causes muscle weakness and fatigue, so you should drink plenty of water to maintain hydration at the appropriate level. Water flushes out lactic acid from the body, resulting in a surplus after intense exercise.
Place ice / u

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