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How to cleanse your body of toxins

How to cleanse your body of toxins u Green detoxification diet is the perfect way to cleanse your body of toxins and restore vitality after winter

u Green detoxification diet is the perfect way to cleanse your body of toxins and restore vitality after winter / U
most important component of green fruits and vegetables .. Contained their chlorophyll has a beneficial effect on the human body - encourages the growth of red blood cells, prevents bleeding gums and gum disease, clean the intestines from harmful products of metabolism, disinfects the kidneys and liver, helps eliminate heavy metals and free radicals that can damage cells
b u detoxification diet green principles. / u / b At least half of every meal should be green vegetables and fruits for flavoring, use fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. oil Avoid fat meat and dairy products and fried foods and processed foods , salty snacks, candy, and all drugs every day you should consume at least 2 liters of fluid, in particular. still mineral water, green tea, dandelion tea, juice, green vegetables and fruits
u / u
b seafront Fruits and vegetables are needed to purify the body -. more green the better -: / u / b u / u
u cabbage, brussels sprouts , broccoli, kohlrabi, kale / u - contain vitamin C and beta-carotene, which support treatment;
u salad / u - works deacidifying and helps digestion;
u Spinach / u - contributes to the functioning of the digestive system;
seafront cucumbers / u - to remove excess water from the body, and therefore substances harmful to health;
u zucchini, squash / u - easy to digest, they provide many nutrients and beneficial for the digestive system;
u celery, chicory / u - contain substances that help the liver, kidney cleanse and do something a diuretic,
u Apples / u - are a rich source of vitamin C and contains fiber which acts like a broom, which removes from the gut undigested food waste
u Pears / u - run slightly diuretic, iodine essential for thyroid health;
u Kiwi / u - the source of enzymes that speed up metabolism,
u Grapes / u - contains potassium in them helps to remove excess water from the body, and polyphenols have anti;
u Avocados / u - the source of heart healthy unsaturated fats.
b sample menu diet green cleaning / b u / u
seafront Breakfast / u
any fruit salad drizzled with lemon juice and clearing of natural yogurt with no sugar, green tea.
u Lunch / u
soup with vegetables, a small roasted chicken breast with zucchini and fresh herbs, green tea Herbal tea or dandelion.
u Dinner / u
paprika sauce with vegetables in olive oil and brown rice or pasta, seasoned with fresh herbs, green tea.
u Snacks / u
vegetable juice with a few drops of olive oil, thickened with a tablespoon of bran, rice topped with apples and cinnamon.
u When using a green detox diet that lasts for 1-3 weeks should give up salt - not stop the water in the body, and therefore the toxins and heavy metals / u

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