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What to eat to have a better sense of humor

What to eat to have a better sense of humor seafront There are many ways to improve mood

u There are many ways to improve your mood is one of them, for many people is the most enjoyable foods here are produced after consumption -. Good mood guaranteed / U

! b chocolate / b contains chemical compounds stimulate the channel in the brain responsible for the production of endorphins and May even result in a state of euphoria. in chocolate are phenols, antioxidants, and influencing the mood. But we must remember that a little too contains lots of sugar and fat, so much better to resort to dark chocolate, best bitter.
b Skim Milk / b less fat the better. Milk is a very important part of your daily diet, mainly due to the large number of components supporting the production of serotonin. White drink also contains vitamins D and B12, which inhibit the aging process and increase prosperity.
b Ice Cream / b selection is huge, and many kinds of ice cream contains vitamins A and B6 , riboflavin, calcium and protein and - milk components -. Unfortunately, most delicious contain a large amount of fat and sugar, so they do not eat more. great alternative to ice cream or yogurt, milk, fruit with low fat content.
b Pasta / ​​b are rich in protein, protein-containing acids, phenylalanine and tryptophan are responsible for the production of endorphins. pasta with whole-wheat flour also contains fiber and vitamin B. consuming inadequate amounts of protein product can lead to depression.
b Salmon / b contributes to the welfare - .. is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, so the efficiency of the brain that helps fish contains little fat, so eat more to improve your mood
b Strawberries / b are a rich source of vitamin C, which supports the production of endorphins and the absorption of iron in the body. therein Potassium stimulates nerve cells, and pelargonidin feel better. Flawonoidy cleanse your body of toxins, natomiast fiber regulates digestion.
b orange / b contain vitamin C and B6, as well as flavonoids. They are a great source of antioxidants. enough 2 cups of orange juice a day to combat feelings of irritability and depression
b Bananas / b
occurring carbohydrates in them to reduce depression and boost your energy addition, bananas contain tryptophan, which is converted in the body into serotonin - the hormone of happiness .. - ..
b Blueberries / b They are great source of vitamin C. Blueberries refreshing, helps with pain in the abdomen, and the fight against stress and tension should introduce them in the daily menu instead of chips or other snacks worthless.
b Nuts / b selenium contained in these works useful for the skin and nails, but also helps improve mood. nuts contain omega-3 fat, which increases blood flow to the brain and thus help in the process of thinking.
b sesame seeds / b
source of unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial for health. However, thanks to the high calorific value, it is better to consume them only in the form of food seasoning.

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