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Epilepsy First Aid


u Epilepsy - Epilepsy - is the most common neurological disease, whose main feature is the periodic occurrence of seizures, resulting from temporary brain dysfunction, epilepsy is not required to follow the patient through a life -. May be temporary, and even a episodes / u
b In most cases, the cause can not be determined unambiguously of epilepsy factors that could cause activation of these are: ... / b brain injury past brain surgery a variety of external stimuli - for example . a quick exit from the dark room in the sun - Hormonal changes - Puberty, menstruation - change brainwave activity - for example ..... the transition from sleep to watch - United fever physiological body - for example, hypoxia and elevated levels of progesterone and liquids and electrolyte disturbances -. emotional changes.
onset of epilepsy is usually associated with the stress of the body, seizures and ślinotokiem, as well as loss of consciousness
b. First aid during a seizure / b
patient lying on the side that is not choked, loosen collar and belt to help him breathe, protect the patient from head injuries - to kneel behind him and hold his head firmly - and shrinking of the patients head under jackets, pillows, blankets, etc. - that can cause collapse of the tongue and breathing problems, and not to force open the jaws clenched her patient so as not to cause injury to your mouth and do not put anything between the teeth of the patient, especially the hard cases, not prevent seizure by force, and not give any liquid to the patient, stay calm and call an ambulance if the attack persists after 2-3 minutes. / ul
After the attack with loss of consciousness may be a problem Finally, add all the cereal and stir gently until a thick foam.
u Thus prepared, is a cocktail party - in the first half, we can drink just after breakfast, and one -. Two hours later, / u

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