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What your nails say about your health

What your nails say about your health u Soaking hands in water, poorly done manicure, minor injuries and a lack of vitamins and minerals

u Soaking hands in water, poorly done manicure, minor injuries and a lack of vitamins and minerals - .. The main factors affecting the appearance of the nails, however, show them the changes can also cause various diseases / u
b Most nail disease / b u
Ringworm / u -. cause the yeast, and dermatophytes pleśniowce, which promotes moisture and heat after soaking. So, always carefully dry the body and wear breathable shoes if there are nail channels, bumps and yellow or greenish stains, you should see a doctor
u vitiligo / u -. the fingernail has white spots stripes. and among the causes of disease are listed include: metabolic disorders and poisoning by heavy metals.
u onycholysis / u - refers to the partial loss of the nail. The disease may be the use of oral contraceptives or agents.
b Some of the changes that occur in the nail bed can be the first symptoms of serious illness. Here are some examples: / b
seafront fragile and brittle fingernails / u - could indicate a weakening of the body or nutritional messages. When the plate becomes brittle, you might want to resort to preparations containing silicon, iron, zinc, vitamin B and E, eg Equisetum or H-revalidate Pantoten; u concave / u - could be a sign of gastric mucosa of chronic diseases, anemia, cirrhosis of the liver, thyroid disease, but it could easily be a congenital form of nails, splinters of u / u - visible through the plate mikrowylewy dark lines, usually due to trauma. These changes should move with the increase of the nail, but if they stay in place should go to a dermatologist, u blade / u - could be the cause of anemia, such as heavy periods too. It is in this case, contact your doctor, u with white spots / u - the so-called. Dobosz finger. These changes may indicate cystic fibrosis and heart disease. Most, however, vitiligo is just a cosmetic defect, and his nails cause less trauma or abnormal keratosis Committee; u dysplasia / u - this is a false construction - these symptoms may indicate liver cirrhosis, eating disorders or atopic dermatitis ; u with cross channels / u - usually a symptom of poisoning, infectious diseases, developmental disorders of the nails or even diabetes. It is located just a few nails, they can provide an example of cutting too deep skin - causing tissue damage matrix, from which the nail grows -. Changes occur in all panels show the high temperature and rapid weight loss or jaundice; u of rozwarstwiającą board / u - could be a sign of fungal infection, viral or bacterial, as well as thyroid disease, alopecia areata, contact dermatitis, and even diabetes. Often indicates kidney disease. Sharing nail in 2-3 coats usually the result of work around the house without gloves; u marking plates / u - such changes often occur as a consequence of poor metabolic or endocrine disorders.

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