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Christmas Eve how it should look like a traditional Christmas dinner

Christmas Eve

Under the Polish tradition during the Christmas dinner - the finest and warmest of all the family gatherings - on the table should appear in the 12 meatless dishes
Here are my suggestions dishes familiar in many homes
.. • Red borsch with ravioli
• pierogi with sauerkraut and mushroom pancakes
• • Mushroom soup
• Fish Broth
• Herring •
spicy salads such as tuna or herring
• Dried fruit compote
• Kuti
Among other dishes on the table Christmas Eve is very tasty and looks decorative plate with snacks like nuts and Italian - perhaps already shelled -, dates, figs, ginger cookies of various shapes and peeled and broken into pieces and mandarin oranges
hard to imagine Christmas without Gingerbread and poppy, a wonderful smell should circulate around the house .. we have to bake gingerbread much earlier -. even 5-7 days before Christmas - and yet, if well packed, will be fresh for at least 2 weeks

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