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How to donate

How to donate u in the form of donations / u, we can provide and mobility

u donation form / u, we can provide and mobility - cars, pictures - Real estate - apartments, houses, lands - rights - for example, title to the property -. And the money should be kept in mind the fact that the endowment of persons / institutions conducted in accordance with applicable rules of law u / u.
u Donation / u should be in the form of notarial deed u / u, where he refers on the property. Money and movable goods after they are written to ensure the appropriate contract, if applicable, control of the IRS to have proof of that fact.
u important information that should be included in the notary deed and prepare us the agreement. / u
donor individuals / institutions donations obdarowywanej comments facility to provide the value of donations by the recipient accepted the donation / ul
u Tax / u is calculated from the excess. tax base over the amount of taxes and depends on the degree of association between donor recipient of donations to distinguish three groups of tax tax tax
u group I belong to. / u

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