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How to hire a foreigner

How to hire a foreigner basic document which allows the employment of foreigners on Polish territory u is authorized to work in / u a competent governor at the request of the employer

basic document that allows an alien employment on the Polish territory u is authorized to work in / u a competent governor at the request of the employer obligation to hold such a document refers to those aliens who can not be employed without permission. in Poland.
seafront General Conditions of Employment of Foreigners in Polish territory / u
European Union allows free movement of workers, including:
move freely within the EU to adopt adoption of a specific job offer to stay in one of the member states to do the job that is after the working relationship between the territory of one Member State. / ul
People from countries not covered by the free movement of workers may be employed in Poland, provided that the working This permit is required if the alien.
performs work in the subject, which is based on the Polish territory does the work for a foreign employer, and posted on the Polish territory for export of services is not the work of a foreign employer and is transferred to him by a legal person on the Polish territory in the period 30 days a year to complete the task, but the execution of services exports. / ul
prerequisite for issuing work permits for foreigners Poland, before the promise by the employer and the alien to be one of the following documents:
appropriate visa permission to live in Poland for temporary residence registration certificate of a Member State national family member residence card for nationals of a Member State / ul
work permit and promise to be issued by a competent governor at the request of the employer:
term - then you can apply for an extension of her work and the promise - in a specific location or type of work performed for a specific foreigner and employer. / ul seafront
requirements to be met by Polish employers wishing to employ a foreigner / u
formalities related to the willingness to employ the alien must begin with a visit to the Office. emphasize the need for employees, and only when the Office will not find the right person for the unemployed of the region, you can request permission from the governor of employing foreigners
u consists of the following documents. / u
photocopies Tax and public document attesting to the qualifications of candidates, copies of passport pages. / ul
governor issued the promise of a contract of employment that the employer must then ensure that the Polish consulate. Then the stranger getting a visa for up to 12 months.
u employer / u u employing a foreigner must submit two applications / u. first relates to the question of alien promises to get permission. second is a separate application for permission to work of a stranger. You can make one application for both documents at the same time, so you need to submit two separate applications on these issues.
u work permit / u is given explicitly in triplicate. One. reserves body responsible for issuing licenses and permits received two copies of the employer, who then forwards a copy of the alien
u application for issuance of work permits for foreigners, the employer shall provide the following contributions: / u
evidence on payment of fees for issuing a work permit certificate of registration in the register of economic activities - in the last three months -. or trade register, however, for individuals applying for employment must be accompanied by a foreigner identity card and tax identification number of the document confirming the right to property - if the workplace is the second of its headquarters - ID number - in case of companies - Tax statute or statutes of a resolution to appoint a foreigner to act as a legal person on board a photocopy of passports of the employers statement realization of arrears of payment of taxes, insurance premiums and salaries of evidence of extraterrestrial level of education and qualification information to the Governor for the proper functioning of the labor supply by the employer written notice to the alien in the delivery of ads EURES - The network of public employment services and their partners in the labor market, in order to support mobility in the field of employment in the international level, the European Union plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland - a certificate of good conduct in Poland, the alien receives from the national criminal jurisdiction rejstru aliens in the workplace to provide evidence taken by the employers efforts to gain employment - placing advertisements in newspapers or on The Internet -. together with a written notice to employers in the delivery or explanation if someone responded to his announcement of the original power or authority to represent the employer in case of other / ul
Please note that all documents in the form of photocopies must be certified as true specimen. originals must be shared.
u the contract between the employer and the Polish foreign / u
legal system in Poland is the rule that the documents are drawn up in Polish when it comes to contracts Foreigners must be fulfilled two conditions for the signing of the Polish
, namely:. ratio
Work will be performed in Polish people who have to perform live on Polish territory at the time of Contract / ul
Obviously there are no legal obstacles to the agreement was drawn up in two languages. Polish and zatrudnianej natives. However, foreign language versions will be only a translation of the contract, not an equivalent document.
foreigner employed in Poland is subject to Polish labor law who receive at least minimum wage for working full time and additional compensation for overtime and night work. addition, it is covered by the provisions on working time and health and safety.
u exemption from the obligation to obtain work permits to foreigners Poland / u 9
December 2010 at the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare signed a decree to the citizens of Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine in May, after 31 December 2010 to do the job without a work permit. Prior to that the registered office of the employers statement of intent of employment.
company or person wants to hire a person from one of these countries must register a corresponding statement in the work of the domicile or residence of the applicant. Only registered declaration is the basis for the alien in the Polish diplomatic and consular institutions in their country of residence, temporary residence visa to take up employment.
statement shall be filed with a copy, and then the office of the documents placed on both information on enrollment. original statement shall be delivered to aliens by the employer.
to revoke the work permit issue or promise / u
work permit or a promise can be revoked if the governor: the foreigner does not work
illegal aliens lost the right to carry out work to determine the causes for which Work Permits issued the changed circumstances relating to the decision. / ul
abolition reduced the immediate termination of employment between the employer and the alien. If a stranger was posted, the employer shall on the dismissal of the delegation.
penalties related to violations of the Act of 20 . April 2004 on employment promotion and labor market
If during the inspection in order to find employment of foreigners without permits, the Governor or the customs authority makes a request to the appropriate district court to impose a penalty on the employer.
violation information can also be transferred to social security, tax administration, or PIP. Depending on injuries, the Governor or the customs authority shall notify. police and border guards employer can be fined
u legislation employment of foreigners on Polish territory. / u
Law of 13 June 2003 Aliens - Laws 2006, No. 234, POS 1694, as amended D - housewife. Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of August 30, 2006 on employment of foreigners without work permits - Journal. U. No. 156, POS 1116, as amended d - .... Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of July 21, 2006 on the procedure for issuing work permits for foreigners - SL 141, POS 1002, as amended .. d -

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