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Termination of employment when can we get?

Termination of employment

u lose his job / u can happen to anyone of us then, you know what situations we can get u contract / u, and then what we have right ..
u gives notice of termination of the employment contract is concluded: / u
u first trial period / u - notice period is
3 working days if the trial period does not exceed 2 weeks, 1 day, if the trial period longer than 2 weeks, 2 days, if a trial period of 3 months / ul
u other time specified / u -. notice period is 3
working days, if, if necessary, replacement workers during their absence from work to forgive, the employer hires more workers under a contract of employment for a specified time, including during the absence, 2 weeks, if the contract is concluded for longer than 6 months / ul
u third time is not specified / u - notice period is.
2 weeks if the employee is employed for less than 6 months, 1 month, if the worker has been employed for at least 6 months, 3 months, if the employee is employed for at least 3 years. / ul
Termination of employment after the expiry of the notice period.
u employer may terminate the working conditions for reasons attributable to the employee if: / u
may be caused by defects in the work of his works to the detriment of the employers negligence niedyspozycyjny due to numerous absences from work / ul
u employer may terminate the duty for reasons beyond the employee if: / u
find the loss of health workers to carry out our work employee was guilty of the body required to carry went into liquidation jobs and the possibility of employment of employees was the introduction of new principles of compensation for all employees with the employer or his group, to which the worker a bankruptcy or liquidation of the employer there were other reasons not related to employee / ul
u form gives notice / u
in accordance with the provisions of the law to work June 26, 1974, the employer shall notify the in writing. Just so deemed to be effective, because you can read the letter. Keep in mind that the refusal of his not accepting the suspension notice.
u Upon receipt of the notification should be addressed to: / u
the date on which the contract is terminated, the reasons for the decision of the employer - in the case of employment for an indefinite time - the reason for cancellation - if there is a chance to respond to the letter and the possibility of lawsuits against the employer on the road court - as the instructions must be included in the termination of the contract - / ul
seafront right employee at the time of receipt of the notice. / u
holidays in search of work - if the notice period is 2 weeks or 1 month - because of two days looking for new employment, 3 months on end - 3 days - the associated request for days off the employee, annual leave - proportionate period of employment -, a cash equivalent - if not impossible to use. go, for example due to illness -. / ul

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