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How to prepare for divorce

How to Prepare for Divorce Divorce Court finds as a complete and permanent dissolution of a marriage that breaks the connection between the spouses in the spiritual, physical and material

- That certain requirements, such as dissolution of marriage with someone elses mistakes or decisions about guilt, to maintain the children and / or the spouse, the use of cohabitation after divorce, etc, in the case of a request for examination of witnesses - if you decide on the guilt - . Please provide your name and current residential address Furthermore, it must be circumstances in which they heard a justification claim submission which included rozwodzimy why the situation in which the material were looking for - for example, taking into account the needs of children -. If you have children, please give the number, age and sex / ul If
lawsuit in court podawczym office, one of the copies must be certified by the submission of documentation, and if you send mail only by registered mail. copy of the petition must contain the complete set of supplements.
u second contribution to the application / u
the claim must be made relevant annexes, including: marriage
kids birth certificate copy of the complaint INCOME / ul
u third Costs and legal fees / u
taking temporary measures intake, the amount is determined by taking into account the financial situation of the plaintiff. Payment of the temporary registration can catalyze the divorce case. However, entering the final amount depends on the financial position of both parties, if the divorce is pronounced without deciding the guilt of one of the spouses, he should bear the costs. unless the parties request otherwise bear the cost.

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