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The rights of employees during the notice period

. Employees rights during the notice period u Termination of employment by the employer, / u imposes a series of commitments to be achieved within the prescribed period

u Termination of employment by the employer, / u imposes a series of commitments to be achieved within the prescribed way, to allow the worker can demand their rights and claims in court fra.. Statement by the employer on his desire to terminate the employment contract must contain a notice of an employee the right to appeal the Labour Court, while in the case of termination of the employment contract concluded for an indefinite period of time - a reason to justify this fact and the reason should be concrete, and above all true ..
If the contract says the employer, the employee is entitled to relief in search of work, with the right to compensation employee is entitled to
2 working days within two weeks or one months notice 3 working days during the three months prior notice .. - Also in case of reduction -. / ul
privilege does not apply to employees who are leaving by mutual consent or upon its own initiative Remember that allows the worker is not required to use the exercise days off to look for a new job -. if you will ask the employer to give them, they will not be used.
very important for employees to carry duty-free certificate of employment u / u. employer can not make a problem of this document prior to settlement of the workers. certificate should be submitted directly to the employee or person authorized, if not possible, the employer must send a confirmation by mail or otherwise provide, no later than 7 days from the date of termination of employment.
It is important that the witness did not contain errors -. If your employer will give you an incomplete or inaccurate information, request to rectify this is done within 7 days of receipt of confirmation if refuses to correct the error by an employer, you can ask the court to correct
solution .. Contract labor refers to the need to account for employer of an employee leaves or pay him the benefits due, for example: even unpaid wages and related benefits, bonuses, awards, etc. This requirement does not apply to the compensation to which the right and the amount will be determined only after the termination of the contract - thirteen annual bonus and others -.
If you leave or part thereof is not consummated in nature, the employee is entitled to the cash equivalent employee who did not receive benefits because it can bring a lawsuit in court for its payment, with interest. penalties
employee with whom the contract of employment terminated without notice, without the labor laws, have a claim: ..
for reinstatement under the previous conditions, or for a fee / ul
appeal the termination of employment shall be submitted to the competent Labour Court in within 7 days of the request for a refund or compensation within 14 days of receipt of notice of termination of employment without notice.
writing process should include the following information:
court that the letter sent, the name and surname or company parties and their legal representatives or agents, code letters - for example, request, complaint - the evidence in favor of the above factors, the signature page, the legal representative or attorney, List of annexes attached letter

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