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How to get social housing

How to get social housing u council housing can be applied to the poorest residents of the municipality

u Council housing can be applied to the poorest residents of the municipality, however, keep in mind that there are no uniform rules, which the national policy regulating the provision of such facilities as a result -. Each municipal council housing approved by their own criteria. / u
seafront conditions apply for public housing / u
primary criterion for allocation of social housing is family income per person. in different communities may be on other and different from each other up to several hundred dollars, and is described as a percentage relative to the minimum national pension. Lots of municipalities introduced so. scoring. This means that applicants for housing with community resources is assessed through the points awarded in accordance with the guidelines contained in the decisions City Council
seafront you can get the points. / u
for how many people live in one place, for a single motherhood, homelessness and the length of waiting for public housing. / ul
In some municipalities to apply a criterion concerning the necessity of living in the community or check out a few years or a test of life and professional activity in a given municipality. .... Its like working in a specific time
Housing and property of the applicant may be subject to verification by the Committee decides on the merits of social housing grant
If the applicant has a severe housing conditions - poor condition of the apartment is too small or the site - to check whether it is possible to convert an existing apartment on the other. the decisions of municipal councils are set out rules for just such a return. Thanks information contained in them can find out when and under what conditions this substitution would be possible.
u necessary documents / u
applicants for social housing usually consists of:. registration, the candidates list, statement of income and a statement of assets
u application for residential tenancy community resources should also be accompanied by: / u
proof of gross family income - after deducting social security contributions and business expenses -, 12-month period prior to the date submission, if you have children of school age, should be seeking documents from the applicants school children in the district - the current school identification card or a certificate of school - in the case of childrens homes, orphanages or foster family, you must attach a certificate of residence in the house, in the case of divorced or separation, it is necessary to provide a final verdict in the case of illness an applicant or family members need a medical certificate or judgment of a group disability - disability - in the case of returnees to secure an invitation from the municipality, while in the case of refugees - residence cards and records to obtain refugee status. / ul
addition to the above documents, employee housing, the department will ask you to produce ID cards of adults reported on coexistence. Depending on the housing situation of the municipality, local housing authority, you can wait a few months to several years.
For the efforts of the Council House, you should first check the applicable criteria. precise requirements for applying for this type of space can be found in the Department of Housing and the operating head of the City. information is also available on the web pages of various offices in the cities of Poland.
u legal foundation / u
Act of 17 December 2009 on amendments to the Law on Protection of the Rights of tenants, housing and municipal Civil Code and other acts - OJ of 2010 No. 3, 13 - . pos.

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