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How to write an appeal

How to write a complaint often happens that the acquisition of certain goods or services does not meet customer expectations

often happens that the acquisition of certain goods or services does not meet the expectations of the customer if the item is defective, you can request object to the seller, manufacturer or service provider does not always know how to write an appeal to replace defective goods, or .... Here are instructions on the return
u to claim that they are really effective, should be included in the following information: / u
first lawsuit personal information - at the top left corner of the document - ie: your
name, address, phone number / ul
2nd place and date of the letter - in the top right corner of the document -;
3 header content - in the middle of the document - hard goods / services;
4 Details of goods / Services:
name, price, purchase date, invoice number - the complaint must be accompanied by proof of purchase - / ul
5 Description of the product or defective. services - why does not meet the expectations of the plaintiff -. to write, when discovered the lack - of its occurrence can not wait 2 months
six statements complaining -. repair, replacement or refund for defective product / service . No. 7 self-composed signature.
The document should also leave free space on the confirmation of receipt of the request by the supplier / service provider.
u description of faults and presented in the complaint, the request must be adapted to the actual value of the goods or services. / u Describe your expectations of the seller - You can request a replacement new or repaired free of charge Refunds may take place when neither one nor the other can not, and when it is not in accordance with the terms of the objection
.. u If the complaint proves ineffective / u - eg vendor / service provider as a whole did not respond to it -. u, you can ask the city or county consumer ombudsman, however, when the situation involves a foreign company, should consult with lawyers ECC Poland - European center for consumer protection / u

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