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How to write and complain to the agency after the failure of the summer

How to write and complain to the agency after the failure holiday seafront Beautiful view, clean beaches, with five stars

seafront Beautiful view, clean beaches, with five stars - a vision straight out of a great vacation full-color catalog, it is often tempered by the reality in the event of dissatisfaction with the services of a travel agency, the consumer has the right to write a complaint / in ..
If a customer finds a package of failure of the contract, the organizer of tourism may appeal alleging deficiencies and determine his or her request, no later than 30 days u / u by the end of the event. In case of refusal, tour operator is required to specifically justify in writing the reasons for its decision, and not the other. If you do not respond in writing to the complaint filed within 30 days u / u from the filing date, in case of complaints lodged during the duration of the package within 30 days in / u by the end of the holidays, it is considered that the complaint is well founded.
u write and complain to the agency after the failure of vacation, make the final shape / u in Polish and English are available on the card make http :/ / ~ = ~ HEAD Dobje complaint. Complaints can also be written by hand. It is important to make a copy of this letter and ask the travel agent to confirm receipt of the document. complaint must describe all complaints and irregularities and to determine their requirements. u helpful in making the claims may be so. Frankfurt Table / u, in which there is an indication of what costs should be deducted. for certain shortcomings on the part of the travel agency desk HEAD = ~ ~ ~ ~ HEAD NNS = escape
seafront key elements of tourism services complaints are: / u
confirmation that the transaction, for example: The contract with travel agencies, boarding pass, the problem description, such as are: lack of air conditioning in the hotel, dirty beaches, dirty dishes in the hotel restaurant, evaluating claims and an indication of their expectations, such as a rebate - State the amount or percentage -; evidence of breach of contract by the seller, for example. copy of the report indicate the destruction of bags airlines / ul
u want to keep the contract and the catalog of travel agencies from which the quote / u Additional evidence does not fulfill its contractual means of travel may include photos, video or sound recordings and written confirmation from the tenant is a good idea to get in contact with other participants in the affected package -. sure their testimony will be helpful.
u In case of loss or damage to baggage by the airlines / u, the complaint must determine the damage and make an assessment based on available accounts for the same suitcase and its contents, for example: clothing, cosmetics, etc. Otherwise, the carrier will calculate damages based on the weight of registered baggage, and it can be very beneficial to consumers. Keep in mind that Airlines have regulations on the carriage, which exclude the liability of carriers for the treasures contained in the luggage. ... These are the notebooks, photographic and sports equipment, jewelry - these items are worth the extra insurance
u In case of delays or Cancellation / u, An effective carrier of passengers to keep them on the status of the delay and provide them with the right amount of free meals and drinks. carrier has a duty to provide free hotel accommodation and free transportation between airport and hotel, if your flight is at least one day after the deadline. consumer who did not receive proper care., may appeal the determination letter type of disorder must be accompanied by a copy of the map, a copy of the complaint sent to the carrier and a copy of the answers given to him
u In the event of train delays / u -. if the trip lasted longer than the specified distribution - may also seek damages traveler should ask the conductor to confirm that the delay on the map, and then submit a written complaint to the carriers provision for obtaining compensation for train delays do not apply to the urban, suburban and regional, for example, low-cost rail ...
u note about last minute deals / u
Travel Agency may not consider a complaint if the contract is concluded after the clause: offers Special Last Minute Deals - Last minute - is not subject to lawsuits because of its specificity / em. worth, early, carefully read the terms of the contract.
u It / u u / u
case any problems, you should contact the Consumer Federation, and when the tour was organized by a travel agency based in one of the countries of the EU -. European Consumer Center in the event of denied boarding, cancellation or long delay, contact. with the Commission passenger rights in cooperation with the Office of Civil Aviation

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