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Complaints and returns gifts what kind of rights

Complaints and returns gifts

u certainly not one of us happened to receive a gift, that we were not satisfied, or at the end after a short time just crashed in this case, we can advertise the goods, but not before. Must be familiar with rules us - consumers -. enjoy / u
b u basis and claim form / u / b Complaints and liability of the seller that the goods with the contract - it is a commodity that No properties found in it -. Before purchasing goods, we should look at it carefully - because the seller will be liable, if at the time of purchase we were aware of the possible lack of goods and could easily be stated.
Complaints must be in writing . seller has to accept it, even if they find that it is unjustified. Another question is whether, after checking the goods, according to the complaint, and met our request.
b seafront Hits / u / b For goods not in accordance, we can ask for repair or replacement - we have the right -. If repair or replacement is not possible, we can say. price reduction or terminate the contract
u withdrawal may occur if : / u
repair / replacement exposes us to significant inconvenience, repair / replacement is impossible or requires too much cost to bear, the seller is not fixed / no mention of the goods within a certain time, non-compliance is important. / ul
separate issue is the desire to advertise the gift that fell especially not our taste. the possibility of returning the product depends on the seller.
b u date / u / b complaint will be dealt with the dealer, if you put it within 2 months after finding a lack of conformity. If it does not make this deadline will not be able to require repair or replacement of defective goods
seller has 14 days to respond to the complaint filed by us -. If you require repair or replacement -. No answer at this point means that the sellers request for reasonable. It will be easier for us to advertise the goods purchased via the Internet. In the case of distance selling, we can return defective or useless product to us within 10 days from the date of delivery.
b u proof of purchase / u / b filing the complaint must carry both proof of purchase - receipt or other document -. and unwanted goods also factor working in our favor could be a certificate - for example, .. person skilled in the art - confirms our opinion on the point
u In case of violation of consumer rights from the seller, we can go to any of the following: / u
Consumer Ombudsman, the Association of Polish consumers, the Consumer Federation and the European Consumer Centre, Trade Inspection, durable consumer courts of arbitration / ul
b u legal basis. / u / b Act on July 27, 2002 on special conditions of sale and consumer amendments to the Civil Code - Laws of 2002, 141 points in 1176, as amended D - ...

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