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ACTA what is it and what will change for the signing of ACTA on the Internet


u ACTA / u - called Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement / em -. This document regulates the trading of counterfeit goods, trade rules and the problem of generic medicines distributed by the works of the law protected it - . so media piracy / em -. In practice this means that the party so signing Acta supports the use of various measures against the infringement of intellectual property rights under the contract
October 1, 2011 agreement in Tokyo. signed: Canada , United States, Australia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea, and January 26, 2012, Polish and other European Union countries, except Cyprus, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany and the Netherlands

. b u main criticism of ACTA / u / b contract terms to be agreed during secret negotiations, and no country - so far - the inability to make available all documents relating to the negotiation process, as well as implementing sound consultation
risk of violation of privacy and personal data protection -. able to continue private enforcement of copyright law, without court oversight - copyright holders will be able to require Internet providers to reveal their user data -.
limit freedom of speech - the pressure of the copyright , ISPs can begin to block legitimate and valuable Internet content providers -. who plays the police called it -. will be necessary to monitor the content and activities undertaken by Internet users
reduce the competitiveness and innovativeness of European operators .. foreign companies, which law does not impose a similar obligation to cause the so-called chilling effect / em in rival companies -. fear devastating damage, they can prevent their innovation
b. ACTA -. implications for Internet users / b
document that raises many questions among Internet users, associations, some of the artists and even politicians are voices of opposition and accusations against the abuse of the process of public consultation, and a threat to free speech and privacy.
According to reports from NGOs and professional groups may make rules ACTA dangerous for businesses on the Internet, as well as ordinary users. One example is the introduction of no use to calculate how far the EU bucks zasÄ…dzanych imposed in civil proceedings, which are considered too heavy. harsh punitive measures can be undermine even the trivial, even if previously authorized. users fear breaking the law, may cease to create imaginative content thus slowing down our cultural development.
ACTA could force Internet service providers and companies providing services on the Internet, regular monitoring of their clients. This commitment has been consistently rejected by law within the EU, including the European Court of Justice. Now Your blog will look for illegal content / em
Such measures undermine innovation and significantly increase the cost of doing business on the Internet, but also interfere privacy. For example:. If used in the film on YouTube major-label music service may be required to disclose personal information from labels / em.
Acta, there is no mention in the system used to protect the interests of service providers on the Internet, so. I. Notice and Takedown / em Acta
provisions are very vague - there are sufficient measures to protect the legitimate interests of persons other than holders of intellectual property deliberately vague provisions of the Treaty creates uncertainty about legal situation of service providers within the network and users ..
ACTA can be dangerous, not only on the Internet - with significant disabilities may face such as:. generic manufacturers who have a replacement for a variety of manufacturers
Keep in mind that Polish law does not prohibit day download for personal use. prohibited, and reaping the benefits and you also need to prove in court. After the signing, ratification and implementation of Acta with the new regulations, but this may change. visitors udawadniać You will not have to hurt anyones intellectual property and derive financial benefit from it - just that it becomes reasonable doubt about this case can therefore happen that people likely to be sued astringent files on your own, personal use ..
ACTA should not jeopardize the hosting platform on which users store their files - the use of such sites and virtual hard disks, so it is accessible to everyone - .. Even if the changes made in the regulations that protect the rights of the owners of these sites, it would have the ultimate responsibility of the user
doubt and provisions on customs procedures - to ensure, among other things: the ability to perform border searches of hand luggage in search of objects infringing intellectual property rights - individual countries can exclude that search, but only under the express provisions of the law -.
There is a risk the possibility of change in Acta content after the Agreement enters into force. changes, significantly affecting the legal situation of many participants, it could take place without democratic procedures and without public access.

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