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Compensation for nieodśnieżonym falls on the sidewalk

. Fee nieodśnieżonym fall on the sidewalk u Winter in our country began to seriously

u Winter in our country began to seriously snow and negative temperatures paralyze the public transportation, but also hinder the free movement of pedestrians, and on snowy and icy sidewalk was just having bad luck if you fall, for example, .. : broken arm, you can seek compensation / u
applying for reimbursement, you must prove the damage, and that responsibility falls on the victim Verify that the best evidence of the accident to medical records - and the pavement condition u.
If the insurer does not consider the application, you can refer the case to the Court of Arbitration in the Insurance Ombudsman or the Court of Session. If you have any problems with filling out applications, you can ask for the help of consumer advocate.
u Legal basis: / u
Act of 13 September 1996 maintain cleanliness and order in municipalities - Journal 1996, No. 132, item. 622, as amended. -.

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