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How to maintain employee personnel files

How to store personal data about employee recruitment u least one employee requests the employer to keep records relating to the employment created

u Employment at least one employee requests the employer to keep records relating to the employment created here are some tips that should be found in different parts of the employees personal file / U

b part - documents related to the candidates applying for the job: / b
completed a personal questionnaire, a confirmation of previous employment or other evidence of periods of employment, certificate of completion of the schools and universities, other evidence qualifications necessary to perform the job, the medical reports indicate a lack of contraindications for work in a position to preliminary studies - other documents, if there is a need imposed by other regulations; CV candidates consent to the processing of personal data - Optional -. / ul
b Part B - Documents relating to employment and during employment: / b
contract in writing and the responsibilities arising from contract, a personal questionnaire for employees - or a total questionnaire for the candidates and the work and workers -, certificates of completion of safety training - initial training, periodic -; statement on determining the content of work rules and pay claims for hearing and information on conditions of employment of employees, workers statements that the parent or guardian of a child with the intent to use powers under the code to work - or lack of intent to the instruments related to raising the professional qualifications of the staff, the documents relating to property that is entrusted to the employee the obligation to return or make a letter for the award of employee leave related to childbirth - motherhood, fatherhood, care for children -, letters of termination of employment -. notice so changing - or changing conditions in a different mode - with the consent of the parties -, letters of credit, reward or penalty, medical reports - periodic inspection, testing - and the Agreement on the Prohibition competition during the stay of employment, application for an individual employee work hours; correspondence with the company trade organization represents employees in employment matters, a copy of the notice of the office to work on the employment of workers previously registered as unemployed / ul
b PART C - Documents relating to termination of employment. / b
notice of termination or cessation of work, copies of employment certificates issued to the employee, the certificate of occupation-related activities for compensation for work performed as a result of enforcement proceedings against an employee ; equivalent documents relating to compensation for unused vacation or a written request for labor certification, non-compete agreement after termination of employment - if concluded - .., medically related to the survey conducted after the termination of employment / ul
u documents are located in different parts of employees personal files should be arranged chronologically and numbered Each of these sections should contain a complete list of them is in the document / u
u legal basis. / u
Minister of Labour and Social Policy May 28, 1996 on the extent of employers records in matters relating to employment and conduct employees personal file - OJ 1996, No. 62, paragraph 286, as amended D - ...

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