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How to keep the property

How to keep the property u recipe is one of the oldest forms of acquisition of assets

u recipe is one of the oldest forms of acquisition of assets with it you can become the owner of the building, construction land and agricultural land or take part in all of these properties here are tips on how to keep apartment / U
b Period prescription / b are not aware of the ownership or use of property in good faith, you can get on the property after 20 years of his life nieprzerwalnych. If you have a mortgage register, there is no possibility of proving good faith in this case, the prescription period is 30 years the recipe does not cease with death - ... if the parents used the property as owner, the period of their ownership of the recipes in the period before October 1, 1990 period of prescription was 10 and 20 years - if the this time filled with conditions - for example, whether the parents -. You can apply for a prescription to the old rules
u retain the property or lease, you must be the self - not only feel but also act as the owner, and it : / u
pay taxes on the property / land / forestry or compensation for the lease, supply or fencing the property, to cultivate a field / ul
. property may remain in the event that it is used under a contract of lease, for example, no matter how long it took the owner can not be in the period of prescription, the requirement for land - .. such action interrupted prescription
b Required Documentation / b
asset map, a copy Mortgage books - if established -, extract from the register of land and buildings for the confirmation copy of the order of succession - if you start a prescription of the testator - the certificate of payment of benefits from constant use - if it is subject to the recipe .. / ul
b Request / b content proposals are a recipe request for a declaration of assets and the reasons must prove the period of use of land and all the talk about the need.
excerpt from the IRS for taxes paid on property or confirmation from the taxpayer, For example, village leaders, building insurance contract, lease or rent land house / residence, testimony of witnesses who can testify that during the period of ownership of property - personal details and addresses of these people - ... / ul
in can shorten the procedure and reduce costs to collect only those who are interested in a particular outcome, it can be. / u
original property owners or their successors, the neighboring land owners who also have claims against the estate, people personal and land easements on the property, tenants and leaseholders / ul
If you have trouble finding this information, the court shall commit the request to be placed in a national newspaper notice of the pending procedure for prescribing property. Since that date, Potential participants must be 3 months to present in court. costs for placing an ad borne by the applicant. If this date no one asks or zgłosiwszy not prove ownership, the court shall order a statement of acquisition of property, provided of course that the applicant has demonstrated all the necessary conditions for Recipe

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