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How to respond to the stems

How to respond to stalking u Stalking is harassment, stalking, sneaking

u Stalking is harassment, stalking, stalking This term is defined as malicious and repeated harassment, or encouraging action can even take the form of physical violence, threatens the life of the victim / U
b Persistent bullying can be seen: / b
deaf phones, Blowin up the victim - even at night -, SMS, e-mails, letters, gifts for the victim, spreading rumors, false information about the victim attempts to establish contact with the victim through a third party, the question people are the victims in their area, making the contract on behalf of the victim, protruding from under the house or place of work the victim to monitor and control the victim, but the victims home or car , stealing items belonging to victims of family and friends, stalking victims, assault and battery of the victim or his family / friends. / ul
b How to respond to stalking? / b Prosecution of offenders at the request of the victim. With this in mind, we carefully gather evidence to show that the harassment actually happened in court and was persistent in nature.
u Being a victim of stalking is a great stress - you should think about visiting a psychologist or finding a support group for people who have survived a similar story. / U
Legal basis: Act
of 25 February 2011 About Amendments to the Law - Criminal Law - OJ No. 72, item. 381 -.

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