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How to calculate income for a family allowance

How to calculate income for a family allowance u To obtain a family allowance, you must meet income criteria

u To obtain a family allowance, you must meet income criteria - currently at 504 zl per person, in the case of a disabled child in the family - .. 583 zl per person Here are tips on how to calculate the family income / u
b Income / b family income is the average monthly income of family members received in the calendar year preceding the benefit period.
u When calculating the amount to be taken into account the income : / u
spouses, parents, children, the real guardian of the child and dependent children under the age of 25 years, and children who have completed 25 years and hold a decision with serious disabilities - and if it is in connection with this family has a provision for Disability care / ul
b income, after calculating the amount of child support services to other people. / b first taxable income, less: cost, income tax for individuals, social security contributions are not included in non-deductible expenses and health insurance premiums
2 declared in the statement of income from taxable activities, less. flat rate income tax and national insurance contributions paid for health insurance
3 Other income not subject to tax.
survivors war and military invalids and their family members, these pensions suppressed and their families a lump sum compensation and the right energy: alternative military troops, the force employed in mines, quarries, factories and construction battalions uranium adding veterans, energy and lump sum compensation units owned by: veterans and victims of repression, war and the postwar period, the compensation transfer: people deported to forced labor and prisoners in the camps of the Third Reich or the Soviet republics, the pensions of people who have lost eyesight due to a conflict in 1939-1945, and the explosion of unexploded bombs and unexploded ordnance funds, the invalidity of the war, which is related to forced labor in staying at the Third Reich in the years 1939-1945 and from abroad -, sickness benefits and farm income of members of agricultural cooperatives for their members, net of social security contributions, child support for children , pre-maintenance, compensation is paid in case of ineffective implementation of child support, scholarships are awarded to students, food untaxed income tax from individuals, received by the person performing the duties of social and civic responsibilities, duties, cash receipts from the rental of rooms in residential buildings located in rural areas on the farm - a person at rest and food received in respect of such persons; compensation for the secret teaching - teachers Charter, revenue from business done with the approval of the special economic zones; cash equivalents for the coal mine, the fees mentioned in the provisions for members and senators, income from agriculture, income earned abroad, RP, net of: income tax and contributions for compulsory social insurance and mandatory health insurance, foreign assistance funds received from foreign governments, international organizations and international organizations, financial institutions, derived from the irreversible grants that are awarded on the basis of unilateral statements or agreements concluded with those countries, organizations and institutions of the Council of Ministers, the Minister or government agencies, including in cases where the transfer of these funds through an authorized person for the distribution of foreign aid for the entities to which such assistance is used, due to employment or scholarships for individuals who live in the Republic of Poland, residing temporarily abroad - an amount equivalent to eating a business trip abroad, was established for employees of state or local government public sector entities, claims paid in cash: policemen, soldiers , customs officers and employees of the military and police units, which are used outside the country for participation in armed conflict and strengthen the forces of a State or peacekeeping mission related, action to prevent acts of terrorism and their effects, as well as cash compensation paid to soldiers, policemen, customs officers and employees acting as observers in peacekeeping missions of international organizations and multinational forces, claims funds from the service relationship, obtained at the time of candidate services by police officers, National Fire Service, frontiersman and the Government Protection Bureau, which is calculated for the period in which they received income and pensions of assurance from the section of the European Agricultural Fund for Guidance and Guarantee also includes the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. / ul
income from agriculture is calculated based on the average number of conversion hectares, owned by the family of the calendar year preceding the period of use.
b health premium calculation / b Height
health insurance shall be as follows: S = Sp - P-Sus -, where: S
- health insurance contribution in gold,
Sp - premium rate,
P - revenue gold,
Sus - National Insurance contributions in gold
b revenue foregone / b is taken into account when calculating income if the loss caused by:
earned the right to leave. care for children; unregister non-agricultural activities, loss of employment, except for the work on contract, loss of income or the right scholarships for unemployed losing benefits or pensions, teachers salaries, pensions, social pensions or retirement, except agriculture, granted in connection with the transfer or lease of the farm. / ul
application for family allowance must be accompanied by documents proving the loss of income and height. family member who received the income after the year in which the earnings base for determining the right to family benefits - income - for family income, the following monthly income, provided that this income was to determine the remuneration rights
If family income, they will lose the right to family benefits is not entitled the benefits of a month. after the first full month of receipt of income
u Legal basis: / u
Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 2 June 2005 on the manner and procedure in the case of family benefits - DZ .. U. No. 105, item 881 - ..

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