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Who has the right to benefit from the Child Support Fund

Who has the right to benefit from the alimony fund u Although payment of maintenance is mandatory, many of them refused to pay

u Although the payment of maintenance is mandatory, many of them refusing to pay child support if the enforcement is ineffective, maintenance obligations assumed by states / U
b. Who has the right to benefit from the child support fund / b is such an inefficient execution performance, which in the last 2 months has not recovered the full amount of maintenance claims in the amount of alimony or not it is possible to order the execution against the taxpayer pay them
in provide for maintaining the Fund can try. / u
single parent child, a person who is married to a man staying in jail longer than 3 months, a student who is awarded child support from one or both parents,. person who is marriage with a person totally incapacitated / ul
favor of alimony fund, entitled the child at the age of 18 or 25 years - in the case of continuing education -. child who has a judgment with severe disabilities, are entitled to permanent alimony.
the Fund may be applied to persons whose family income does not exceed the amount of 725 Zl per person. When calculating the monthly family income is taken into account the earnings of all persons engaged in the same household -. including a new partner with whom the parent is included
b height compensation / b from the alimony fund benefit is equal to the amount of child support - may not be greater than 500 zl If, for example. alimony awarded 350 zl, providing maintenance will also be at that level If alimony are 600 zl, provision will be paid from the fund in the amount of 500 zl of maintaining tax-free once a year .. -. from 1 October to 30 September of the following calendar year if at the time a parent receives child benefit or increased revenues and exceeded the set border -. Municipality will recover benefits paid, plus interest
b. Proposal / b on behalf of the childs parents with the requirements of the maintenance fund for municipalities The application should submit the following documents: a letter from bailiffs about child support laws and inefficient judicial officers certified implementation .... recovered and the amount of maintenance certificate from the District Office of the document stating the childs age with severe disabilities judgment, if there is confirmation from the school confirming the word, the child has completed 18 years statements to the child. / U
Law of 7 September 2007 on support for people who have a right to support - Dz.U. 2009, No. 1, pos 7, as amended d - ....
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs 28th July 2008 on the method and procedure, in order to determine the pattern of income and applications, certificates and declarations of rights to compensation for the maintenance fund - Journal 2008, No. 136 item 855 - ..

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