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How to apply for compensation for medical malpractice

How to apply for compensation for medical malpractice u sometimes medical intervention in a hospital, clinic or private practice, rather than help, harm the patient

u Sometimes medical intervention in a hospital, clinic or private practice, rather than help, harm the patient if the doctor broke the rules of conduct, or procedures not in accordance with due diligence, and the damage caused by the wrongful act or failure, may apply for financial compensation. / u
medical errors can result from improper diagnosis, for example, after noting the patient than any other disease that is suffering, or the detection and treatment of disease non-existent. abuse may also include. at a party earlier, erroneous diagnosis of another physician
u prove damages, you should gather all the evidence, and they are: / u
medical records - patient has a right to receive a copy, or extract copy; bills for additional treatment, medicine, nursing, lost profits - earnings -. / ul
In calculating damages suffered as a result of medical errors, you should take into account the age and life of the patient and the degree of injury and medical disregard . br seafront Claims can be said against the county commission for medical errors or in court. / u The Commission shall render a decision within 4 months from the date of filing. case in court, it may take several years.
Request to establish a medical event should include: 1 case
name, date of birth, social security number or series number and proof of identity, if any; / ul
another name agent law If applicable, the names of all
third successor, if any;
4 indicate that the rest of successors represented in proceedings before the Commission for deciding the question of medical events, if applicable;
5 Address for service;
Identification sixth leading therapeutic hospital:
company, address and the address of the hospital, if applicable; / ul
seventh logic of the proposal contains prima facie evidence of the event which was a result of infection, damage to the body, health patients or death and damage to property or intangible,
8th Indicate whether the proposal is subject to infection, injury to health or death of the patient,.
ninth proposal Compensation and benefits
Committee on medical errors by doctors and lawyers. application may be filed within one year from the date on which the injury occurred, infection, etc., but not later than 3 years from the occurrence of these effects. / u

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