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What types of travel insurance?

What types of travel insurance u Choosing to go, thinking about buying adequate travel insurance

u choosing to leave, consider purchasing appropriate travel insurance / u b Buying Health Insurance / b In this case. Choose between two options: Purchase travel insurance - It is an advantage especially when tourists are exposed to the high costs associated with treatment or death of a loved one This type of policy can be taken out additional insurance options, such as the consequences of an accident .. Owning a European Health Insurance Card - EHIC -. tourism can benefit from health care throughout the European Union, the National Health Insurance, Health Insurance To get the card, you need to apply appropriate NFZ at home, but we must remember that the EHIC does not cover. fully the process of treatment, transportation from the accident to the hospital and buy the necessary drugs and dressings.
b luggage insurance / b luggage
things that belong to the insured or rented by him - it must be confirmed by a document - and the goods carried or moved off-site residence scope of protection of the insured. .
theft, destruction or damage to baggage, loss of baggage accident or natural disaster / ul
luggage insurance does not include, among others: the money in cash, computer equipment, jewelry and artwork
contribution rate depends on the sum insured, the scope of its protection, geographical area and length of the contract before buying such a policy .. should carefully read the General conditions of insurance.
b Auto Insurance / b The European Union and European Economic Area should be enough to OC politics. know, however, that in some countries outside the EU, it is to buy a green card, which is an international certificate of insurance within the Green Card in the EU and outside the so-called power Auto Insurance Help - .. CA - covering the costs associated with residential accommodation in a car accident, and often the cost of renting a replacement vehicle during repairs.
b canceling travel / b Under the insurance you can get a refund in the event of resignations leaving Breach of contract is possible only in case very good reason - it must be verified by a third party These reasons are:. client accidents, disease, mandatory business trip, loss of job or home, and divorce fee is reduced .. to share your travel agency, which is usually about 20 percent. / Dd / dl

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