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The risk of accepting bribes?

The risk of bribery bribery seafront, or his personal promise by a person holding public office, is a criminal offense

seafront bribery, or his personal promise by a person holding public office, the crime payoff is usually given to a person or group, to achieve a certain standard procedures to circumvent Here are some tips on .. risk taking and giving bribes / u
b subject of myth / b u
Criminal Code provides for two categories of responsibility for bribery. / u
myth and active bribery, corruption, bribery or passively. / ul
case of active bribery can be any person who gives or promises a bribe in exchange for arranging an interesting case in his office or state institution, which For less serious, the sentence of imprisonment of 1 year to 10 years - when for a bribe or promise to adopt a civil servant takes care of things in accordance with law, for example, reveals an official secret, revealing their personal information, etc. The penalty will not be and one that requires the bribe to perform their duties, it is his duty, the penalty of imprisonment of two to 12 years - the adoption of a considerable amount of bribery or other high use of financial character. / Ul
conviction to the penalties for bribery prevented in the future receive a certificate of good conduct, which is one of the conditions of employment in the public domain.
of bribery is also responsible person: the right to vote, which takes a financial or personal gain or benefit of such a request to vote a certain way. Holding managerial position in the organizational unit engaged in trade or that, based on its position or its functions a significant impact on decisions regarding the activities of such individual who accepts financial or personal benefit or a promise in exchange for behavior likely to cause injury to body or property as an act of unfair competition or inadmissible preferential act on behalf of the buyer or recipient of goods, services or benefits. Organising professional sports or participating in them that accepts financial or personal benefit or a promise in exchange for fraudulent behavior, which can affect the outcome of these occupations.
u for accepting bribes in exchange for voting a certain way of risk: / u
imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years, fine, restriction or deprivation of liberty for up to 2 years - for such fewer accidents. / Ul
If you receive a bribe, as soon as possible to report a police matter - if it starts looking for the perpetrator, or becomes aware of violations from other sources, the court will not be able to apply extraordinary mitigation of punishment and must not deviate from its application. Therefore, not delay in informing about such situations may arise later criminal liability. Extraordinary mitigation of punishment or withdrawal of the measure, indeed conviction, but without penalty.
giving bribes or promises delivered after successful on your behalf for the work that threaten penalties in the amount of accepting bribes. In the case of financial benefits is possible to avoid a penalty if, after adoption by łapówkarza benefit or promise, it will be immediately reported to the police, it is to know about herself.
the adoption of the so-called work. payment protection. It consists in providing its services by any person, for example, the successful outcome of the case officer in exchange for financial assistance, personal or promise of receiving such benefits.

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