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What are the components of the reward?

What are the components of compensation seafront Data for 2006: / u

seafront Data for 2006. / U Home - u social security / u to be paid by the employee who has retired from the insurance, disability, illness - time In 18.71% / u Home - u health contributions - 8.75% / u Home - u tax / u tax scale, u 19%, 30%, 40% / u Home - seafront deductible expenses: 102.25 zł / u Home - u tax-free amount: 44.17 zł / u Home - ZUS seafront employers - 19.83 % * / u
* Full Social Security is paid to cross the 30-times the average gross salary after the expiration time is the only contribution to the fund Disease - 2.45%
approximate our net income can be calculated as follows For example, earn
1000 zł gross Home -. subtract from that amount, 18.71% - social security -, Home - resulting amount is multiplied times 0.81 - - 1-.19 - Home - submit this sum without tax - 44.17 zł
u Price / u the worker to the employer u / u is 1000 zl plus 19.83%, or together: u 1198.30 zl / u

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