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Special leave when and how many days have the right?

Special leave

shows a situation where the employer is bound to leave you in certain circumstances
u leave for important family reasons -. / U Home - your own wedding, the birth of his child, death of an immediate family - mother, father, wife, husband, child, step-parents - get seafront / u 2 days at each of these circumstances; seafront
/ u Home - wedding, funeral, birth of a child in the family -. get u / u 1 day for each of these times
u Special Court and leave the office - / u Home - In this case, the employer is obligated to indemnify us in fact to appear in person at certain institutions in a timely manner, such as government bodies and local authorities, courts, prosecutor, policjęi or institution conducting the proceedings in misdemeanor cases.
u payment of a special holiday / u Holidays
obtained in the above circumstances, does not mean withholding wages. If your companys policies do not provide for retention of the right to full pay, its height is determined by the specific provisions of the Decree of the Minister.

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