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Assertiveness at Work how to pray and not give more of the tasks

Assertiveness at Work

Each of us continues to receive various types of applications that do not necessarily want or are able to achieve None of us is able to rozdwoić and do too many things at once
requirements and expectations of others can be a significant source .. stress and spoil our ranks -. that is why it is useful to know some ways on the right say no So rights / em I think the ones that do not hurt, not angry and not to disappoint the person refuse to assume that we have good relations and cooperation to set the people from whom we get to prośby.Poniżej attach some advice on this subject found on the Internet.
u Appreciate your time / u Remember .. the jobs that have already agreed that when someone asks you for the new task will be aware that youre just not able to do it and then you can just say: I am not able now to deal with it. - I currently have too many things to finish, Be u aware of their priorities / u. even if you have little free time, consider whether you really want to devote to dealing with the issue that someone came up to you. Everyone of us should be a little time to rest, take care of themselves and his family. u practice say no / u. Practice makes perfect, and says no as often as you can is a good way to master this skill, for each subsequent time to feel less embarrassed addition, repetition of words is often the only way to come up with some stubborn people -. you still go back and pushing more and more potwarzać not stop. no Finally, it should reach them seafront is not sorry / u Often people with kindness begins with Im sorry, but ... Decency and culture are important, but on the other hand apologetically which means that our denial is weakened. It is important to be assertive in defense of our time. u stop being nice. / of course, kindness and culture are important, but nice and said yes each time it is unjust for us if it makes it very easy for people to use their time -. and money - giving them to behave in this way all the time - will know that you can count on you - .. However, if utrudnisz will look for other targets easier to try and teach others to respect your time and answer firmly reject as many applications - of course those who disagree with his priorities -. u say no to your boss / u Most of us are convinced that the head should be noted that the only way - .. after all they are our bosses It stems from the fact that if you say no, it will be shown in sosób this, we are not able to cope with their work the truth is different .. my boss to explain that taking too much on their shoulders weaken and undermine its effectiveness, but its duties If your boss constantly pushes him to try to discuss a list of tasks and projects that are hanging on you and ask them to set priorities, trying to set realistic deadlines. u law advance / u. It is easier to avoid new tasks and programs, but later denied. This can be achieved, for example, declaring that they broadly that your timetable in the near time completely blocked and will not be able to get anything more about it. u Ill get back to you / u. Rather than respond immediately, give yourself some time and the answer that you think you will say on it. about that later so you can really think about it, see the list of tasks that rests with you to analyze and prioritize so that if you get the fact that you can take a new job for yourself, you can clearly and easily -. at least the second person can expect to be taken seriously and that through you. u Maybe later. / u If you can not deal with anything at this point, and later may not be a problem, it is good to tell a person who came . as a new case can then say that is that they would gladly took, but now we can not because of other tasks -., of course, for some time wanted me to come back u It is not just about you I / u. This is a classic excuse taken from the male-female relationships, which is also useful on the job. Often a project or task is pretty good, but youre the right person or not, this is the right time for you that you should. With all due respect and support for the ideas so you can refuse to participate in it. It is worth to be honest in this respect, because others can easily feel otherwise.-

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