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How to properly assign responsibilities for new employees for fun

How to properly assign responsibilities for new employees

Taken from the Internet, in a funny way, -.
First place in a closed room 400 bricks
Another drip of new recruits in the room with a brick and close the door
. Br 3 Leave them alone, back after 6 hours
4 to assess the situation. If we take into account
brick - give them to the accounts
B. How to count the second time -. give them to the audit
C. bricks scattered around the room - .. to give them to the engineering department
D As the bricks are set in a strange order - that they plan
is like throwing bricks at each other. -. give them the service department
f How to sleep - give them the security department
g as broken bricks in the ruins -. them in the department
hours to sit idly by -. give them to staff
as I say, that tested different combinations and still looking, but not move one brick -. allowing them to sell
j As I left the house - .. give them to the market
k. How can I watch through the window - give them a strategic planning
l How to talk to each other, and not a brick postponed -. to congratulate them and give them to the ship yards
How totally bricks in such a way. that have not seen nor heard - to give them the lists of candidates for Parliament

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