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How to be punctual and never late

. How to be punctual and never late Having problems with late or perhaps not even uświadomiłeś b u why lateness is wrong / u / b Being late is perceived by others? As lack of respect, contempt, not counting time than others

you have problems with late or perhaps not even uświadomiłeś
b u why lateness is wrong / u / b late payments? Others as a lack of respect, contempt , not counting the time of others - think about how this might affect your relationship, relationships with friends or your career Spóźniając often lose time: for example, waiting for another bus or when waiting too long. before closing the shop can not fix everything - .. spóźniając for the exam, job interview or important business meeting may not always be able to repair the consequences of his delay
for the delay, you can fly out of work
b. u can start / u / b
realize that we are late - is only 5 minutes or 1 hour Realize that your delay is causing interference to other people?. your boss, your girlfriend / boyfriend or other people with whom you had to meet.
b seafront 10 tips on how not to be late? / u
/ b If you have problems arise, try as many things as you need not leave home before u sleep / u: Prepare clothes, pack your things, prepare breakfast, and in addition, go to bed on time, to wyspanym
u The alarm rings: Wake up / u If you are always late to work.?. u rise before / u Next up late u Rise and before / u u not move to look forward to / u - not too long ago because all my go with this issue, and can even be late because Set and check carefully setting his clocks
u not be overly optimistic .. / u time -. are not always aware of all the activities that we do and we can not predict all If circumstances, for example before going to watch TV, prepare absolutely everything you need to go out and think about what When we started working
example, from 5 May 2008, and we want to leave calculated on the right for 2008 calculated as follows:
May 2008: The number of working days from 5 May / Number of working days in May, the total size * leave rocznego/12 months = 19/20 * 26/12 = 2,058
If the number of days will come to us in size after the decimal point, this value is always rounded up. In this case, they will be 3 days.
seafront Notes: / u *
20 days granted to us when we have less than 10 years, including high school count as 4 years of work, higher education as 8 years.
* 26 days granted to us, when we have more than 10 years

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