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How to dress for a job interview

How to dress for job interview u first impression, / u and

u first impression, / u and - and primarily - the visual is very important to dress the person applying for a job should be sober, clean and elegant
fra.. Woman u / u is coming to talk to garsonce with long skirts or pants, modest czółenkach low-heeled, the delicate makeup and minimal jewelry. u / u
u Man / u -. in a classic dark suit, shirt and tie matches the color of the gentlemen wear beards and mustaches should be neatly cut
All candidates, regardless of gender should be aware of the nails, cosmetics, modest haircut to cover tattoos., images earrings worn in unusual places - for example, eyebrows, nose, lower lip -, high-gloss polishing shoes, and fresh breath - absolutely not allowed to smoke before the interview - Note. chewing gum during a bad candidate for the evidence of the employee.
However, there are situations in which dress for a job interview you have to adjust depending on the profile of renting a young woman applying for a position in the boutique retailer of designer clothes for teens and young adults should wear clothing in full accordance with the image of society. make-up artist / stylist and graphic advertising has dress to represent individuality, while maintaining modesty.
u construction worker / u does not get to talk in a suit, a tie. This solution is even a little grotesque. Just make the choice neat dress in dark colors, neglected.
costume seafront of people who apply for management positions / u in large corporations to characterize the absolute minimalism-permitted colors are navy blue, black and white. Brown is associated with the earth, and red -. with aggression clothing can distract attention from the qualifications, work experience This is also a candidate for precision work -. its worth, the clothes and accessories are new, elegant, clean, modest and intact.

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