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Getting things done, the effective implementation of the task

Getting things done, the effective implementation of the tasks among the many methods for managing time and tasks, which allow

Among the many methods for managing time and tasks, which allow - at least in intention - to cope with the rapid accumulation of tasks and looking after all the conditions, the most noteworthy methods u getting things done / u Description David Allen in his book of the same name - Polish title .. u Art effectiveness successful implementation of tasks / u -
David Allen on a method for managing tasks are created based on years of experience working in many companies as a consultant, many of his observations are based on so-called life hacks which roughly translated means life cheat - how to .. easier and quicker handling of everyday life
This method is relatively simple and easy to master, and the effects that can be achieved by the application can change your life.
getting things done book was published in 2001, and methodology in a short time became very popular, particularly among Internet users. Praise is primarily due to the simplicity, flexibility, efficiency and impact on stress reduction.
that this method has set itself the objective includes :
zmniejszeszenie considerable accumulation of stress-related tasks, freeing the mind from constant remembrance and reflection on the tasks before us are simple and easy to use system that can be used in both paper and electronic form, also regardless of the application with which we used - even You can use this simple calendar, e-mail program like Outlook or - Focus on things to do, and not explicitly vague term goals / ul It is a method
u GTD / u should cover all issues of personal life and career of one section is done by grouping the cases according to the projects -. osągnięcia purpose - and the context to which they relate - such as work, home shopping -. It is very important that the method is based on meeting a complete list all questions in one place
u GTD / u to simplify the work includes several lists that include.
container / list of new cases of a list of actions that the to-do list once / later delegated the task list of projects / ul
u Inbox / new cases / u this list, which is all the questions that arise - before making a decision about what to do about the Inbox regularly. decide whether to process the case immediately, or should we plan specific actions in the near future - moving into action - or the indefinite future - when / later -. May We also decide that the item delegate to another person and so the matter will be on the list of delegated tasks
seafront action to be taken / u basic list of where they work. every day - there are all the things you have to worry about as soon as possible All questions should be written in the form of specific actions and deadlines for writing only where they actually occur, the For example, some things are done only a day - .. For example, only one person is in place - or have a specific completion date, in which we are forced to adjust the remaining tasks to be done on the orders of his writing -. course with the possibility of interference in the series
u once / later . / u is a list of where to find things, or we had to do - we go there, his plans were far ahead - or do not know when well be able to care for them, and now We have a number of other important things list. serves on the task list, do not distract attention from the fact that we actually do in a reasonable time. Questions on a list / then we should see during the week to decide whether the time is not come to that, to move an item Action list.
seafront delegated tasks / u is a list of where the case is presented, which is entrusted with handling other people, you do not want to forget
u Project List / u -. they represent some of the objectives achieved after a series of actions and that is what this list says projects like the goals that we want to achieve, and to it we keep a list of concrete actions
GTD method assumes a certain way of behavior, which is divided into five phases: We. seafront collection tasks and questions / u - at this stage we fill our your Inbox each business seafront Analysis / u - to see your inbox and decide the next steps we handle some or shares, the delegates, we introduce a list of current tasks or to move on a / I, of course, some things we can simply ignore and discard in trash
u Cleaning / u - .. is a process related to the stacking order of tasks, setting deadlines, assigning the appropriate contexts, deployed in projects u look at the list / u -. based on a systematic review of lists, the rules are such that as soon as possible to empty the inbox - which niekonieniecznie equal to the task - constantly working on the list of activities and once a week for a list / can u Implementation -. / u The name speaks for itself
Meanwhile, a number of tools based on the GTD, and especially recommend solutions based on the web, I put in the references. below Both tools are very good GTD implementation, easy to manage lists and use them in various ways - from the PC, phone, calendar synchronization, etc.

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