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Mind Mapping as if the notes

Mind Mapping

seafront Mind Maps / u - called Mind Mapping / em -. Tool that helps us to think and remember, creatively solving problems and take appropriate measures
seafront Mind Maps / u release creativity and flexibility required to solve the problem. help you look at the problem from a broader perspective.
According to the developers and practitioners seafront Mind Mapping / u the input is similar to how it works and remember our brain, which is more natural and effective way of inventing, quote or two to analyze.
b mind map look like / b
u typical mind map / u is a collection of words, symbols, images and colors of interconnected lines. Every mind map starts with the central element that is about it. Other elements of the branching of the main themes, moving away from them more than one item, etc. Why use
b mind maps?
/ b Thank
cards means to avoid linear thinking and open to creativity and new ways of thinking. maps are closer to reality, because it is hard to do from the start in the correct order. with maps You can get a full picture of the problem is. This, of course, the map follows your right brain intuition and creativity running. Mind maps have many practical applications, especially in areas that require creativity From: brainstorming
record of support for the research / devising new ideas for making notes analysis of complex issues and problems easier to remember for effective learning, planning and preservation of knowledge / ul
b Map of thought in practice. to start
/ b Mind Maps can be made on plain paper or use one of many computer programs available on the market
middle of the page to start saving on the map or the main idea we want to develop. Starting from the center to add more branches contain short formulate ideas, activities, topics and other issues development of the subject. summary record should be used in what can be supported in the use of symbols, colors, arrows and drawings. most important thing is to use words and images that resonate with us right combination.
use graphical record of assistance to better understand and remember, keep an open mind to the opportunities and avoid the typical limitations of a typical text entry. Do not write to the determination of the matter and formulate a proper sentence - Focus on key ideas, the map can easily be supplemented - dorysowujÄ…c other branches - and change
second advantage relates to the problem that often paralyzes us just before your case: where to start.?; In the case of mental maps, you can start anywhere - basic throws and divided about it, anyway take a proper shape
b Practical tips / b
if you use a piece of paper - spread out. it horizontally, so you can get more space on the map to leave space between successive items, so you can come back to them and add them another thought, it is useful to apply the relevant differences, for example, the most important things to write bigger letters, urgent things to save the color red, so it is advisable to create a map without a long pause and think about what and how to rewrite, and therefore can be thought linearnemu and kill all creativity and intuitive writing large maps can become unreadable / ul
Below are the links to find free and commercial software for creating mind maps. seafront Useful Links / u dl dt FreeMind / dt dd One of the best freeware program to create mental maps based on the Java Powered by most operating systems and provides an attractive Web-based map sharing. / dd XMind dt / dt dd Another free program is available at Windows, Linux and MacOS. look attractive and interesting option is also available as an advanced version of the commercial and the ability to share maps on the web XMind. / dd dt MindManager / dt dd most popular commercial program to create mind maps . very strong capabilities and attractive charts. / dd / dl

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