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From work and what documents you should receive additional benefits allow an employee of the employer

From work

worker leaves the job should get from your employer first of all this work confirm the basic document in which the employer is obliged to betray us, but it is not only an obligation of the former employer
u 1 - Certificate ... employment . / u
employer shall issue a certificate of employment immediately after termination of employment, date of completion of work speaks of the Article 97 par 1 of the June 26, 1974 Labor Law - dz .... . from 1998 No. 21, POS 94, as amended d - ...... But it can not be later than 7 days after termination of employment, then the document should be issued by mail or in any other manner guarantees to former employees.
u. Note: / u does not work with an employer shall not be grounds for not issuing work certificates
Violation of this provision may be grounds for referral to an employment tribunal against the former employer.
u 2 -. Certificate of RP-7 / u
employees request the employer shall issue a certificate of paid social security contributions and profit in every year about this article 125, paragraph 1, item .. 2 of the Act of 17 December 1998 on pensions from the Social Insurance Fund - Journal ... 2004 No. 39 POS-353, as amended - Certificate ... RP-7 is an important document in determining the period of insurance for purposes of retirement or disability pension
u 3 - .. payment in exchange for rent / u
later than the date of termination of employment an employee must pay for unused employee leave obligations can be suspended in cases where the employee is immediately concluded new contract and outstanding annual leave may be used in the preparation of a new agreement
u 4 -. Holiday job search / u
employee, up to that contract ended, and has an additional 2 days in Looking for a job if you do not use this provision to leave us lost
seafront 5 - .. Studies in additional research / u
. worker who has worked in terms of exposure to carcinogenic substances and dust, which causes fibrosis to require performance testing at the end of employment project costs should be covered in this case the employer - .. Art 229 para 5 of the Labour Code -.

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