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How to succeed in sales

How to succeed in selling u Action Plan / u To be successful in selling the most important element of the Action Plan

u Action Plan / u
To be successful in selling the most important element of the action plan should define what we want to achieve tomorrow, monthly, yearly, or for five years ... Our plan is not may be just in your head must be made in detail, for example, the plan must specify the day - how many customers call .. and define our clients
should determine how we want this month, how much we earn. this year and how much money you make in next five years, what are our dreams -. house in which we live, the places you visit, or what car we drive
precisely define your goals, it is more likely that you did it. You also need to believe in it deeply . What will be more confident to do this and you believe in yourself, youll have a better chance of success.
u Define key customer / u
Remember the principle of
basic steps and their sequence include:
what to do before going to sleep waking up in the morning toilet, dress and breakfast, and relax and plan the day out of the house / ul BR b bedtime / b Top
u wyspania good start up / u, which is a prerequisite for ensuring u at least 7-8 hours of sleep / u. Before going to bed, think about the next day: A lot of things easier to do before going to bed than to rise. Among these things are
prepare clothes for the next day to pack all items from cleaning schedule / ul
Think about all the things you do in the morning and set her alarm clock, which is preparing to leave the house and could do so without undue haste.
b reveille / b u As soon as the alarm clock rings, Arise / u. Avoid using the delay - you will not get much more sleep, you should lose control of your time. Alarm signal should be our moment in which the enthusiasm jumping out of bed, starting a new day, not to escape from the demoralizing.
strip curtains and blinds, u that the more sunlight into your home / u. If the days are short: lots of light of light. Light gives us energy and enthusiasm for life.
Drink a glass of water and try to kick-start your body slightly to increase the pressure to inflate and get rid of the stiffness after sleep. A few simple physical exercises and taking in the fresh air should help.
b Morning Toilet / b morning toilet should be divided into two parts: immediately after getting up - physiological needs, a quick shower, shave - just before leaving the house - brushing your teeth after breakfast, makeup, my Hair style -.
Remember that if the population is more than a bathroom, on the one hand, it is time to respect each other and do not lock the bathroom too long, on the other hand the time required to use the bathroom is not entirely predictable and should get up earlier.
b Breakfast / b Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it gives us the needed energy for most of the day. Many studies have shown that people who eat breakfast regularly are less problems with concentration, children learn better in school, and adults are working efficiently. In addition, eating breakfast helps maintain a healthy weight, and it favors the resignation of weight problems. Lots of people find it hard to swallow breakfast soon after waking. To remedy this, we first try to move breakfast at a later time. It is also good to our body from coming into themselves by drinking a glass of water, so it is little traffic and trying to wake up.
b moments of relaxation and planning the day / b from falling into the vortex of the day, you can treat yourself to a relaxing moment: we can spend it in talking with others, search the morning paper or spending time in a beautiful garden.
If you can not deny you coffee, this is the best time to drink it. Break
it is also used for a moment of reflection on the day before us and the things we wear. BR b From home / b If
actually took care of the previous stages after tooth brushing is enough to step into the shoes, take a pre-prepared things and March of the house and shut the door. Otherwise we can not wait
panic running through the house looking for clothing, a collection of scattered documents and complete the sandwich at the door, and maybe come back half way after you leave the house phone.
If you do not leave the house this morning and so it is good to establish a clear point at which we start the day and go with your business. This is even more important when working at home.
b What we should keep in mind: / b
not start on cigarettes, drink coffee on an empty stomach does not give up breakfast - depriving it this way, the most important meal of the day, which is to provide you the energy you need not leave the important things the morning - the confusion and stress in the morning will be burdened by the day, if you have children, it becomes important to ensure appropriate design and adequate amount of time for certain activities to create your own morning ritual - the other should look as a ritual of early birds and night owls in any other way / ul seafront Useful Links / u dl dt healthy breakfast / dt dd Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which will give us all the energy and good mood. Read how to cook healthy and tasty breakfast. / Dd / dl

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