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How to write good advertising copy

How to write good advertising copy There are a few rules for writing good advertising copy

There are a few rules for writing good advertising copy are here:
b simple language understandable to everyone / b Text should be clear and transparent. Written in simple language, understandable to everyone, , even kids.
b A key reason / b focus on one key flood, why people should buy your products instead of products offered by the competition.
b Improvements / b Focus on the benefits arising from the purchase of products offered. People do not care how the product is called what it is, or which is made up.
OK. 80% of which are now sold with pewnoĊ›ciach for five years more will operate in the market. must be present in his text and advertising your product will change your career or personal life for the better and there will be a key element in advertising copy.
b Limit / b when the provides information about try not to make any large numbers, particularly in radio commercials. Nobody remembers much less write.
b does not create a need / b does not try to create new advertising needs. needs but must be created and people wish to use it. your ad talking about the problem, highlight the problem that your product solve.
b Call to Action / b to present your product to market as the best solution available and the complete text call to action, such as visits to your homepage, coming into the store, calling the phone number ... etc. So, the client will know how fast you can eliminate your problem or achieve the desired benefits.
u summary / u, you need not be a master of the texts, the creation of effective advertising copy. most important thing in advertising is to emphasize the direct benefits of the products offered in the private and professional life, or to solve problems and to encourage customers to act quickly to buy our product.

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