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How to become a pilot

How to Become a Pilot High resistance to stress, responsibility, logical thinking and accurate assessment of the situation and the absence of medical contraindications are the basic requirements for training and remote

High resistance to stress, responsibility, logical thinking and proper evaluation of the situation and the absence of medical contraindications are the basic conditions and training for pilots
for some passion and a clear goal for professional development. Just another hobby and a dream childhood.
Depending on the type of flying you need to select several seafront years of higher education or private lessons from the pilot. / u
Force pilots are trained Rzeszów University of Technology, gives pilots license and technical education in the use of equipment and organization Aviation ongoing studies in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in aviation, it is also necessary to choose an appropriate specialization, such as: .. pilot, avionics, aircraft and aircraft engines
school also runs a practical training in a Class II commercial pilot licenses flying aircraft wielosilnikowymi. For the fifth year of study licensing exam is held. Training Airlines international flight ends.
Rzeszów University of Technology graduates receive Master of Science Aerospace and specialties are prepared to serve in the civil aviation transportation and May also be used for linear transport pilot licenses .
You can also choose to study at the University of Air Force officers school in Deblin, but in this case the pilot study is closely linked with military forces
and for private flying lessons you need to identify suitable sites, dealing with this type of courses and training - .. but they are very expensive lesson prior to the course should provide a medical certificate, allowing participation in training.
Theoretical ends with an overview, and then the instructor will participate in the practical part, sitting at the controls of the aircraft. Positive results of examinations and appropriate number of hours spent in the air, will allow you to get a pilots license.
To continue to
theoretical training to professional pilot must have at least secondary education and a license PPL - A -. or pilot license tourism Practical Training can move people who are 18 years old, have at least secondary education, Aero-medical research and class air permits PPL - A - and a certificate of completion of the theoretical training authority CPL-A - or ATPL-A -. Line Pilot License
seafront training requirements for a pilot license PPL tourism - and tourist helicopter pilot PPL - H - are / u: the candidate must have successfully completed at least high school level and at least 16 years before entering the practical training After receiving a license must complete 17 years of life .. paragliding training may participate in the person of 15 years who have completed primary school.
u Eager for training glider / u must be at least 16 years to start practical work, which date shall be determined individually after theoretical training.

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