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How do u assertive people / u has a clear and realistic goals

u Persistent people / u has clear, realistic goals not given the pressure from others, capable of feeling and culture to express their views, opinions and needs, but he also knows how to pray and receive positive and negative comments,. care about their own interests, while keeping in mind the welfare of others
Assertiveness is a skill acquired, so if you do not have it, you just need to learn is certainly not an easy task, but its always worth it. try u will help you with the following information:. / u
love yourself first and accept the changes that follow you - do not underestimate its value, the second
Be strong, confident and comfortable in talking with others - also try maintain eye contact with the caller, the third
not bear any ill feelings - not Yell and does not provoke an argument, because you can only worsen the situation;
4 Do not be afraid of negative evaluation - complains it can be instructive and instructive for the future;
5 Have the courage to criticize the behavior that you do not like;
Learn sixth request their case without prejudice and anger at the same time other people
7 to communicate openly and vigorously their thoughts and feelings - Check if the caller does not know the meaning;
eighth If any of the events in public places - such as offices, order at the store - you tease, please note carefully that person;
9 Remember that you are entitled to something you do not know or understand - then ask an open and courageous about what is happening on the 10th
not be afraid to speak to a wider range with the idea that everyone will laugh, try to break the 11th
- for example, difficult for you to make a phone call, 12
not be afraid to say NO, but always honestly and politely explain why you disagree with the views of other
13th caller to listen carefully - keep in mind the views and needs of others, 14
always tell the truth, and not give in when you can not tolerate someones behavior - repeated his arguments about the method of Stripped Album;
15 do not lie and do not bear false history - to complicate lives; 16th
not treat the world around them as a threat, but as a stimulus to action, 17
Be honest with yourself and others
tackle the 18th caller with respect and treat them as partners;
19th Be not, and no translator too - especially when in no way sinned
20th Do not be ashamed to admit mistakes;
21st at peace with himself and the whole environment; 22nd
Remember that you can do everything, not only violates the rights of others,.
assertive as a man to build many warm and sincere relationships with others, while maintaining their individuality assertiveness will make you feel strong and well-liked man
However, to make it. had a lot to work on it, to understand their attitudes and above all to live in harmony with them.

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