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How to decorate the interior in the style of Greek

To decorate the inside of the Greek style, dashing style is synonymous with relaxation and fun in the blessed shade of olive and cypress trees

Dashing style is synonymous with the holidays and spend time in the blessed shade of olive trees and cypresses. It is probably associated with the scenic landscape of Santorini, or places where the soft, earth tone antique Components Incorporated. Here are some tips on how to decorate the house, to move a little warmth and beauty of Greece. Generally, three primary colors used in Greek homes, you should keep it: white - the symbol of purity and is used on building facades and walls into the interior, blue, and in fact all the shades of blue, to turquoise, pomegranate - a symbol of water, is used to decorate windows and doors, and ocher - earth color. The space will rule irregular steps, arches, or mezzanines asymmetrical bay with soft edges. Natural Resources. Very simple wooden furniture, fabric and stone. Terrace, balcony or lay off the bathroom floor tiles as others - the Greek term for the mosaic floor decorated with black and white pebbles -. You can choose and order a more expensive version of the floor of a stonemason and cheaper - to buy a ready-styled tiles that look like stones are embedded in a transparent gel. You can also set a floor tile irregular sand separated by a thick layer of white plaster. On the floor, place a large terracotta amphorae and vessels for Oleander, Geranium geraniums, or prickly pear. On the walls of a bathroom set with a plate of Greek ornament in warm pastel colors. Decorate the inside statues or fragments of the old columns in the Greek summer bought gift shops. Install the sink on legs like Gracko column. Submit your bedroom is very simple, geometric dark wood furniture, which will be in contrast with the white and blue colors of the interior. Paint the walls white - can be a kind przecieranki -, selected elements of a door or paint the walls, bay windows in the washed blue or turquoise. Hang curtains with blue canvas. Above the bed hung a roof-like material. Expand the window sill and pillow to release him to be able to sit there and rest. Bed and dispel some decorative pillows and blankets, cotton blankets. Keep in mind that a common motif in Greek fabrics and soft equipment is wide pastel stripes. Fragment of a wall in the room you can put a stone in order to get the impression that the room is carved out of rock. Using plaster, you can also zalepić sharp edges of walls and ceilings to give the impression that the interior was done by hand untrained village mason. You can increase the space in the room houses a number of holes / windows in the wall of the adjoining room, giving them an irregular, rounded shape. In the kitchen, you May be tempted to adorn the walls of the building a false steps, which served as a kitchen shelf for various boxes, baskets, wooden bowls and utensils. Set in a large kitchen, a simple wooden table and chairs with seats wyplatanymi. Starched tablecloth, embroidered table cloth and place the bowl of flowers on it. Irregular loosen floor tiles in earth tones. If you have a house, paint the walls white, install windows and shutters with tambour doors in blue. Also paint the door blue.

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