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How to plant strawberries

How to plant strawberries world is perhaps only a few countries where they do not grow strawberries

The world was perhaps only a few countries where they do not grow strawberries. These are the fruits tolerate most soil types do not require special nutrients and can survive in different weather conditions, from cold and wet Scotland, which ended with hot Spain. If I choose the type of bet and strawberries growing in the greenhouse, you can have access to fresh strawberries and up to six months. Choice. As with all gardening, time spent on preparing the place of cultivation, rarely turns out to be time wasted. Before we dive into the shovel in the ground, you have to make some decisions. Location: The location must be perfectly protected from the wind and be in full sun most of the day. Large quantities of water and good air circulation are the two key ingredients for success. Types: There are two main categories: permanent and summer fruits. This last assertion is a bit misleading, because the plants do not bear fruit for the twelve months of the year, but the sets are longer and provide a small, regular supply of late strawberries from August until the arrival of cold winter. Source: Strawberries are very susceptible to viruses and soil diseases. That is why it is important to buy certified plants in reputable stores. False economy by accepting unnamed seedlings from a good friend. Preparation. You can choose your country, but you can improve. Too rich soil, will tend to release the green leaves, instead of juicy red fruit, thus reducing its organic zapałów can pay off. Check the soil pH and if necessary, change to about 6.5. The soil that was fertilized with the previous year, the perfect start. Such soils will require adding garden compost in the amount of content, some carts than 4 m2 and 75 g of bone meal and seaweed meal per square meter. If your soil is particularly poor in nutrients, and then apply the contents of carts filled with a good fertilizer for each 12 square meters. The heavy and light soils benefit from the rotting leaves. In addition, strawberries are high in the developing world. Just before planting, add 5 cm layer of leaves in the pile of 10 cm of soil. Planting. Strawberries are available for any seedlings raised in the inspection were available from April to August or in the open version, available from October to April. The advantage of this first version, it is highly unlikely the plant will be well and to bear fruit next summer. Crops planted after August will gradually provide more and smaller collections, compared to how they just planted. Because you will be able to use their products in just three years, it would be good if you will plant them in July and August at the latest. Freshly obtained seedlings should be planted as soon as possible - in pots, the grządce or in final position. To plant your plants at a distance of about 35-45 cm in rows and about 75 cm between rows, the richer the soil the wider dissemination. It is important not to leave exposed roots or bury the crown - see picture -. Uklep soil lightly around the plants, using their hands. Further care. Before harvest: In the spring when the plant begins to bloom, remove all dead leaves and begin to regularly check the crown and the rest of the plant, looking for aphids and other pests. If plants are stiff and do not want to grow, just remove them and discard, because obviously this is a sign of the virus. When the fruits begin to form, charge collection of straw mulch to retain moisture in the soil and fruit. Where strawberries are grown with the participation of polyethylene, straw is not necessary. During the harvest: May your plants will quickly produce excess growth. They can go and do it to create a row width of about 35-40 cm, removing only those who go outside the lines. In this way, the production will be larger quantities of fruit, but they will be less. It can also increase the likelihood of disease. Therefore, alternatively, you can delete all of the newly established regular steps, unless required by one or two to fill gaps in the ranks. After harvest: When was the last but eating strawberries, flower bed clean all the leaves turn - leaving the 10-inch trunk - and remove them and any other straw and fall into the container with compost. Be careful not to cut the plants too deeply and does not damage the crown. If necessary, keep the soil leaching to ensure you a lot of fresh fruit. Playing with the participation of plastic. Strawberries grow very well - no weeds - polyethylene film. While woven material allows water to penetrate into the soil, polyethylene, on the contrary, and therefore will need a special form of irrigation. Generally, if this kind of caps for heavy soils it is advisable to raise the bed about 10 cm to reduce the very high humidity. Make a line width of about 60 cm or in the case of woven fabrics, bedding set that can accommodate double rows at a distance of 75 cm from each other. Using such systems, straw is not required. Consecutive years. Strawberry Patch will not last longer than 3 years. During this time the fruits will be smaller, and viruses and diseases to attack the plant. As a result, you will need a system of rotation. There are many possibilities, including replacement of rhubarb and strawberries, flowers, or the distribution around the garden. Strawberries should be planted in areas where at least three or more years, there were strawberries or raspberries. Meanwhile, the surface layer of leaf mold or soil improvers are applied in early spring, should be sufficient. On poor soils would be more appropriate garden compost. If the plant produces green leaves too strong, it means that there is too much nitrogen in the soil. Remove the leaves and litter after harvest, should be continued during the first year.

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