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How to clean curtains

How to clean your curtains veil should be protected from harmful substances that occur in the home

Your curtains should be protected from all harmful substances that occur in the home. Caring for your curtains depends on the material they are made. The fabrics are colored light to dark. These bright colors are resistant to fading and to reflect more heat, while they tend to have darker fade and absorb much more light. Besides the color is also an important type of material. The most important and highly resistant to light the material is polyester. If you care for your fabric, you must take into account the number of existing factors. Chief among them is the sun, which can contribute to their destruction. Add in the dirt and dust, and the material will be destroyed before you know it. To wash the curtains, make sure that the material of which they are made, let it completely. Remove accessories, such as frogs and hooks. Wash them with mild detergent and cold water. Then let it dry. Lace curtains, try to gently wash. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Do not forget to starch. If you want to hang lace veil, and unfortunately it is still wet, remember that this material is very delicate and hanging, the best place tissues or napkins at the place of curtains not touch any metal, such as frogs, and hooks on przywieszania . Thanks to this fabric is not exposed to rust. Draperies are used interchangeably with curtains, but the material they were executed is more difficult, and they are long enough to easily reach the floor. In this case, they should be vacuumed once a month. But if you wash them, make sure that the material for it.

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